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Surviving the technical inspection in Zürich canton


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Hi guys,


sorry for writing in English. I own a 2016 BMW M4 with the following mods:
- custom suspension KW V4 (car is slightly lowered)

- Akrapovic downpipes

- BMW GTS aero wing

- some carbon m performance parts (splitters, diffuser etc.) 


The car is not yet register in Switzerland. I'm afraid if it's going to pass noise/emission tests because of the downpipes. I probably should write straight to the Strassenverkehrsamt, but before that I would appreciate if someone gave me some info here on what level of problems technically/financially I should be prepared for. 

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I would take a practical approach and try to find out, in which inspection station one can expect inspectors with a sense for special cars, be it sportscars, be it classic cars. These often have a little bit more tolerance concerning rather uncommon cars and car features and do not instantly react negatively against what is uncommon to them. And then just give it try at such a place.


You could also make an inofficial advance visit to such a station and talk to the folks there about whether they would have concerns, and if so, of what nature.


I would never ever write to the Strassenverkehrsamt without need, because at least in Germany the answer will be very predictable (i.e. negative). We have a saying: "Wer dumme Fragen stellt, bekommt auch dumme Antworten" (Who asks stupid questions gets stupid answers). Means: Never ask officials things which need not be asked and where the answer is predictable.

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Jarama:

visit to such a station and talk to the folks

I think you are better of to find a workshop with some experience with special cars. For them it’s often easier to predict which inspector is more open for a car like that.

Good luck. 👍

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