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1000hp kit for E36 M3 !!!

g-unit marko

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Hi to everyone

I have not been on this forum for a long time now and have some news if you own an E36 M3, there is a turbo kit that runs consistantly on 30psi and a built motor that Da Motorsports claims 1000hp daily driver.

The price and all the information is on the site


What do you think?

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  • 2 Wochen später...
does that 30k include all the labor?

30k is no small change for just a modified motor, so it better.

I have to wonder though, how is the stock tranny supposed to handle all that?? Or is that switched out as well?

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I apologize there is no "s" the exact link is http://www.da-motorsport.com/projeler/evolutionm3/index.htm

the kit price is 22 800usd incuding forged engine internals(J.E pistons,rods, rings, crankshaft etc.)therefore alowing the 8300rpm redline this also includes the TSI engine management already programed as well as all the turbo accessories(BOV,wastegate, intercooler all the pipes ,brackets and full exhaust)the fuel system is also provided by them and the intake manifold

*peak power at 7800rpm

*8300rpm redline

*1st gear 0-72km/h and top speed of 340km/h limited but they say can do 380km/h

They say the trany is over engineered and can handle 1050nm or 955lbft, because the bmw tranny is made by getrag which is similar to the tranny 1000hp+ toyota supras use with no problem.

They also have option that cost extra for the suspension, brakes, clutch and racing spark plugs

Now the maintenance

every 40 000km the engine rings need to be changed as well as the head gasket the engine rebuild will cost you about 2000usd. The rest of the maintenance is the same as the oem M3

They say the drivabilty is the same as the normal m3 and this kit works with 96 octane gas :) but in my opinion there has to be lots of lag since it is a 71 mm turbo they usebut there always nitrous :D

All of this sounds great to me but I would kill myself having a 1000hp daily driver ( I would race every muscle car on the road as long as it is highway)

check out the link and tell me what you think

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  • 7 Monate später...

I took the time to read it. Very impressive and nicely made. I'm always little skeptically to such statements from a tuners side, but I heard some years ago from a german tuner tht the S50B32 can stand 1.000 hp without any problem. Only the 380 km/h sound a little strange, I think this is a calculated data. Would be nice to test...:wink:

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