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Audi tiptronic? NOWAY!!


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Okey so today I drove a new A6 Pro-line 3.2 FSI tiptronic, a buddy of mine bought it and he is very disappointed. He actually wanted the manual 6 tranny but his dealer convinced him that the tiptronic is actually better because it ends in tronic. Tronic is good right?! He's consulting with his lawyer rightnow for ways of returning the car and getting a manual. According to Dutch consumer law you are allowed to return a product with 8 days if you don't like it but the dealer won't take the car back. He's specialy pissed at the salesperson because he recommended the tiptronic over the manual.

The car is nice, very nice. Interiour and exteriour look killer, very comfortable, luxurious and has lots of power but the transmission, oh lordy lord the transmission.

Audi has over done it's self this time when it comes to "safety". No matter how hard to punch the gaspedal the electronics won't let you put all the power down at once. What happens is the gas pedal and tranmission electronics conspire together to slowly and safe get the engine upto revs. There's noway todo hard liftoff's, no matter how hard you punch the pedal it always slowly revs the engine upto speed.


Kickdown? I didn't actually time it but when you punch the pedal it takes the transmission an eternity to realize you want it to shift down a gear. So what happens is you're all pumped up ready to go, you put your foot down and nothing happens... you look around like a fool thinking the car is broken and suddenly the electronics shift down and rev up the engine. Because you weren't paying any attention you get the shock of your life while in the mean time the punk kid in his tricked out Jap is long gone... I'm sure some Audi engineers are laughing their arses off rightnow.


And the worste of all, the very very worste of all! The frikking thing won't let you rev up the engine even if it's in manual! If you dare to come anywhere near the redline EVEN IN MANUAL it automaticaly shifts up, cause whe wouldn't want the engine in the redline do whe?


Now lets recap. You have this beautifull car. Has a powerfull V6 3.2l FSI engine with 255 ponies and there's noway to get any joy out of those ponies because Audi sais so.

I'm an electronics engineer myself and I'm all for electronics providing safety and luxury and all that yada yada, but this?! No way I'm ever going to drive a car like that. There's noway I'm going to let some engineer tell me what I can and cannot do with my car, specialy not when the pricetag is wel over 70k euro!

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I don't know that the A6 looks killer, it kind of kills itself but, here is what Audi have to say about their Tiptronic transmission ...

All gear changes take place without any interruption in engine power. This is particularly advantageous when towing a trailer.
Tell your friend his car may perform better if he were towing a trailer. :lol: Also ...

On all models it (tiptronic) has an additional Sport program which delays upshifts for a sportier driving style. Shift quality has been further improved thanks to electronics integrated directly into the transmission.
It delays the shifting then does it for you anyway, and even delays acceleration. Man that's pretty sporty! :wink:

I wonder if the new multitronic gearbox has the same crap. It's all in the software and Audi could do this with the multitronic tranny aswell. I was dying to try multitronic A6 but now I have second doubts.

I'm all for CVT's but if the Audi software is going to interfear with my driving habbits then noway!


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