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Some interesting recent numbers for the AMG's


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In the September 2005 edition of Car and Driver, there were some interesting stats ... quite impressive:

The E55 AMG Wagon got:

0 to 60 MPH: 4.1 sec

0 to 100 MPH: 9.7 sec

0 to 150 MPH: 24.0 sec

Street start, 5 to 60 MPH: 4.6 sec

1/4 Mile: 12.5 sec @ 114 MPH

Braking, 70 to 0 MPH: 171 ft

Roadholding, 300 ft diameter skidpad: 0.85 g

They said that's the same 0 to 60 as a new 997 Carrera S, the same 1/4 Mile time of the new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the 0 to 150 MPH time of a Corvette Z51, and has five more cubic feet of interior cargo space than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo ... pretty cool stuff

here's a link for the E55 wagon article: http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?section_id=16&article_id=9835

Also tested was the all-new Audi RS4 against the current C55 AMG and current M3 coupe. Here are some stats for that comparison:

0 to 60 MPH: 4.8 for the RS4, 4.8 for the M3, 4.7 for the C55

0 to 120 MPH: 16.6 for the RS4, 17.7 for the M3, 16.7 for the C55

1/4 Mile: 13.3 sec @ 105 for the RS4, 13.6 @ 105 for the M3, 13.3 @ 108 for the C55

rolling start 5 to 60 MPH: not listed for the RS4, 5.3 for the M3, 4.9 for the C55

30 to 50 MPH: not listed for the RS4, 9.7 sec for the M3, 2.5 sec for the C55 !!!

50 to 70 MPH: not listed for the RS4, 7.4 for the M3, 3.2 for the C55 !!!

it seems like once the cars are already at some speed or already rolling, the C55 does extremely well.

here's a link: http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?section_id=15&article_id=9846&page_number=6

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the new rs4 seems pretty impressive as does the e55 wagon. i would love to have a wagon that could do that.

you could have a lot of fun in the states with that thing debadged.

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I don't know about Europe, but I would think the market for a wagon like that would be rather limited in the states. Image meaning a lot here, most wealthy people would splurge on an AMG of another sort, perhaps an SL.

But I saw a soccer mom the other day driving a Cayenne Turbo, so who knows what drives these people's purchasing decisions. Also, MB never seemed to care about how limited the market is, that's why their model lineup is so cluttered.

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