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more 997 models coming


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There are several models which are set to blast in the next year...First off , there will be a cab version of both basic and S-version..these are supposed to be unveiled in Detroit... a few months later will appear a new GT3 which is said to get just under 400hp...not much but considering the performance of the regular S-version there is no wonder that this GT3 is anticipated to overshadow the 996 turbo performance wise - even in a straight line.

The 997 turbo might come later that year having 460hp while its S-version will have full 500hp as the latest info suggests...another possibility is that there will a regular turbo with 480hp only...

But the biggest single factor in the Turbo’s increased performance is a new four-wheel-drive system, which incorporates electronic differentials that allow the drive to be apportioned independently to the wheel with the most grip. Further developments planned are a reworked six-speed manual gearbox with a shorter shift action, PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) with continuously variable damping, 19-inch wheels and tyres and PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Carbon Brakes).The new car will also adopt an optional dual-clutch gearbox.

- from the autocar

I'm certain we can expect a cab version as well sooner or later..

Sadly no word about a GT2 yet...lets keep tuned

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The latest rumours about the upcoming models :

997 GT3 : 415 Hp,3.8 dry sump,PSM in a "racing" configuration(less intrusive that on the other 997 range),special colours,and optional 380mm PCCB brake disk(front),maybe PDK shiftgear.. due in march/april 2006

997 Turbo: 480-500 HP, due in Germany around June 2006.

997 Turbo S: 510-535 HP, due in Germany earliest one year after 997 Turbo introduction, if the 997 C4/C4S and Turbo are very succesful, later

997 GT2: around 2007, latest rumor indicates even not earlier than 2008.

Rumored power up to 540 HP. Autobild claims even 550+hp.

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in the latest EVO magazine there is an article on the new porsche 997 GT3, apparently the car will be a bit more user friendly this time around with air-con, sat nav and also some other mod con's to boot, however though the car boasts a 3.6 litre flat 6 engine which produces 409 bhp which is astounding for such a small engine for the power it makes, there will be a 911 GT3 RS model coming out in the future and it will be priced at around £85,000, if i had the money i would buy this new GT3, its a lot nicer looking than the old GT3 and in my opinion its one of the nicest looking porsche's that has been made so far

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There is also a brandnew bodykit existing for the 997:-))! . It´s from the german tuning company "Strosek driving Designe" and they call it 911.997 Carrera. I´ve seen it at their homepage, and I have to say that it looks great:-))! . What do you think about this bodykit?

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