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wee man

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gotta be a lil bit more descriptive on watchu want.

like dj said

do u want the best all-around turbocharger?

do u want the best all-around turbocharged car?

and define how the best is by wantin 2 know for the

turbocharger best as in least amount of turbo lag Full

RPM range power, reliability and consistentcy.

I mean wat? lol

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No kidding, I knew what Wee was talking about. This is the Porsche forum after all, use your heads. 996 is really cool and modern. But I would still pick the old school 993. Gotta have that air-cooled, big winged wonder!

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we all forget that aircooling had issues. It may have been a neat concept, but there was a reason they stopped using it. Turbos are known to heat engines up a lot. The 996 is so sexy and seductive. I think 50 years from now, the 996 will be thought of as the greatest of the 911s of this era.

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Air-cooling lasted on the 911 until 1996 or '97. So there were no issues that could not be overcome. Porsche switched to liquid cooling because they were antsy for something new.

996 is a very good looking, and capable car, but it's just a new 911. 993 carries the true 911 bloodline that the 996 simply mimics well.

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The 996 is the total package, it has no drawbacks to speak of.

The 993s got hot. Very hot. They had a huge oil sump taking over 10qts of oil to aid in cooling the engine and the turbo, under sustained abuse, they would start to see heat related issues. Porsche was ready for something new, you're right, their engines needed to be modernized, and when they did it, they found it better to water cool. They could have made all of the advancements they did and keep it air, but they could push harder on the engine with more reliable performance with water. Water cooling a rear engine car isn't fun either, they needed good reason to do it.

I'll say any of the 911 996 6spd Twin Turbos. They are just the total package. There are extremely few SUPERCARS at any price that can top 911 in all areas.

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996 turbo is nice but the 997 is incredible :-))!

Could be, but 993 is beautiful and 964 is pure emotion. :wink:

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