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This is basically a spam killer. To get rid fo those mclaren vs something or other. Here we have a disscussion topic on what you think is the best supercar. The 5 cars are the Mclaren f1 vs Bugatti Veyron vs Ferrari Enzo vs Koenigsegg CC vs Pagani Zonda. :D Personally I like the Koenigsegg because it's one of the fastest (if not the fastest), it's only a V8 so it probably doesn't eat gas as much as the rest of them, it's sweet looking, it's a convertible and it's the cheapest one there.

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Mclaren F1 forever


This whole thread is Spam :D , there are lots of threads like this.

The Pagani is a work of art, and the others have yet to prove themselves or build a legacy that people will talk about through the ages. So yeah, like Kevin always says - McLaren F1 all the way. It was revolutionary, and still is. It was also revolutionary in terms of how much a new car could cost :wink: .

Enzo is like Brittany Spears - Manufactured value.

Enzo is like Brittany Spears - Manufactured value.



what matters more, the cars lasting legacy or it's performance and accesibility, a picture of a mclaren on my wall is nice, one in my driveway will never happen. I could concievably own a CCV8 or Zonda, that makes a lot of difference to me.


Legacy means a lot, as does the impression a car in this league leaves on one's mind. Because none of these cars will ever really be " accessible " thats' why they are exotics. There may be more Zondas, and at some point more Koenigseggs' than McLarens, but thats' about where the accessibility ends. Most people will never own any of these cars unless they sell everything they own, including their house, which is probably not an option. But they still tend to dream about one over another.

So, aside from which one you could concievably own, which car do you Really want? Afterall, these cars were made to stir up people's dreams and emotions, not their practicalities.


I would want the Zonda first, and Koenigsegg second. I want these two cars over the other three for the same reason. Nobody has ever heard of them (besides us car nuts). The Enzo has made appearances in movies such as the latest Charlie's Angels, Michelin commercials, and the HotWheels model car lineup. Most people have heard about the Mclaren too. Actually the Mclaren isn't enough of an eye catcher to be a dream car, especially when put next to the most exotic of exotics. The Bugatti doesn't really do much for me, but that would take third place. The Zonda and Koenigsegg are super rare and obscure. 360 Modena's are sweet, but every rapper has one, you won't see a 288 GTO in their driveway. Im betting that less than 1% of the pop. has even seen picutres of or heard of the Zonda or Koenigsegg (well maybe if you played Gran Turismo 3). Even though the Koenigsegg has better performance figures than the Zonda, I'm not about to drive it at 220 mph, so I guess those extreme figures don't sway my opinion too much. I prefer the Zonda over the Egg because I believe that for it to be an exotic dream car, it has to be Italian.

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