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z4 race

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driving down to bmw motor sport hq in a ferrari 360m I had a bmw z4 3.0 in my mirror I was sitting at about 100mph in sixth he came up like a bat out of hell so I look in the mirror and put it into a lower gear and hit the gas and I took off like a icbm hit the 8250rpm limter and then put it into sixth. the z4 was 1/4 mile back I was told I hit 145mph before a shfted in to sixth the z4 was out of it but then my radar locator went off and told me the radar was 300 yards away the brakes work well on the 360 slowed down to the speed limit and drove pessed the radar

I like the z4 alot I mite get one put it not a 400hp ferrari is it :D

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Well, I don't think it's a great feat. to be able to leave a Z4 in the dust when you're behind the wheel of a 360. If you wanted to race fairly, you'd have to go up against a modified Z4 with at least the dropped-in 5.0litre 400HP M5 engine. Then you could have a more fair race. Then again you're not likely to find a Z4 like that (at least not for a while). I myself would put the Z4 in my top-20 list of cars to buy if I was loaded, but I'd most likely modify a hard-core and beefed-up version of it.


a z4 has no chance with a 400 horse ferrari

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