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The idea of a normally aspirated v8 for $70k just is mind boggling because it only makes 369hp when you can spend $5k more for a car with 100hp more. The CLK55 should have the kompressor in it to actually make it worth your money.

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My BMW 740i cost over 70k when new, and has " only " 282 horsepower. No complaints though. It's a great car.

If it's any consolation to you pimp, the CLK55 is the sportiest, and sharpest handling AMG car out there.

ok, just to make a point

(all data below is from the manufacturer's respective US homepage)

CLK55 AMG _______ M3

Price: $70,600 ________ $45,900

HP: 362@ 5,750 _______ 333@7,900

Torque: 376@4,000 ______ 262@4,900

Weight: 3,635lbs __________3,415lbs

Tranny: 5spd. Auto_______ 6spd Manual

size class: compact__________ compact

0-60 5.0_______________ 4.8

fuel econ 15/22 ____________ 16/24

So what did i get for 25 grand more money? slower, heavier, worse fuel economy, and a car of the same size. Yes, you are getting a lot for your money, buying something other than a CLK55.


I thought I'll show you some pictures of the CLK 55 AMG; This is the car of Cessna340, he is in the German Forum:



Going 280km/h on the German Autobahn:


If you want to i can post some more pictures of the car. This car is a dream!


The M3 should NOT be considered the competitor to the CLK because one it 30000 dollars more! That is not even the same leauge in price, as should not be for the car!

But they will always be compared. If Mercedes has an answer to BMW's M3, it would be the CLK55 AMG. True, one has a V8, automatic transmission, and costs considerably more. But they are both factory performance enhanced " compact " two doors from competitive German marques. The BMW formula just happens to make for a less expensive car with quicker moves and better gas mileage.

Like always, those who want a high speed cruiser with good reflexes will opt for the AMG.

LateNight, you're right on. They will always get compared even though they shouldn't be. Again, apples to oranges because they're two different schools of thought. Always have been, always will be.



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