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Fav. Lambo Chase scene

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That would be the opening scene of the movie Speed Zone! Where the cops are chasing the Lamborghini drivin by Hollywoods greatest stunt driver John Schneider a.k.a. Bo Duke of the Dukes Of Hazzard. Anyway theres a pond where theres a boy and his grandpa skipping rocks and the Lambo takes a back road leading to that pond and the lambo gets up enough speed to skip across the pond just like the rocks the boy and his pappy was skipping. HILARIOUS!!! Plus the whole scene was accentuated by a Rocky Burnette tune called "Perfect Crime" which I must say is my favorite Rockabilly song, Steve Earls, Copperhead Road is a close second.

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I think this post belongs in the miscellaneous forum, even though it's about Lambo. Anyway, you want a good chase scene, check out the 1995 film " Jade "

dr.caddi revolution

Lambomaniac do you know all about Lambo's, cars, stunts, or just everything. The only lamoughini stunt scene I know of is the one in Need 4 Speed Hot Pursuit 2. :P:P

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