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Bugatti are bust?

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I heard a rumour today that Bugatti have gone bust! Is this true? Can anyone confirm it?

If they are, do you think someone else will produce the veyron?

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I highly doubt that they have. If they actually did, I don't see why another car company would produce the car that Bugatti made. I couldn't see that happening...


i just thought it would be a shame to never have the bugatti veyron never be produced. however, i doubt they have gone bust, i just thought id make sure


Highly unlikely. Bugatti is owned by VW. VW has put alot of money into Bugatti and the Veyron project so they can show the world what their W engine layout can do. I don't think they would just let Bugatti die like that.



Thanks everyone. I would have practically cried if the veyron had gone to waste!

What is everyones opinion on the veyron? On a scale of 1-10 (10being the highest)


I know everyone will hate me for saying this, but I would give it a 6.5. First, I just think it is a very ugly car. Period...I don't think that there are any good looking parts of it. I hate the grille, headlights, hood, rear shape, spoiler, exhaust system, and the shape of the windows. I also think that a QUAD TURBO W 16 SHOULD GET WAY MORE THAN 1001 HP. Ferrari is able to get a plain 6.0 liter v-12 to push out 660 hp. I also think it should be a lot faster for the power it has. The Mclaren F1 has almost 400 hp less than the Bugatti, but does 0-60 mph in only .2 seconds less and has a top speed only 10mph less. I would like to see Mclaren build a quad turbo w16. How fast do you think that would go? Everyone loves the Bugatti for its speed, but look at the size of an engine! Of course it will be fast with an engine that big. If I built a car with two jet engines in the back that could go 275 mph, would you like it, or would you just think it is stupid and can't be compared with cars with normal sized engines? That is how I feel about the Veyron. Yes, it is fast, but no, it cannot be compared to regular v-12s, etc.


i agree. The Veryon is not optimized in anyway. It is just sheer brute force in all aspects. I expected better.

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