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Murcielago or Gallardo?


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if you want power and handling, i heard that the lamborghini L140 (murcielago VT prototype) is being built with the co-operation of Audi from the ground up. that means audi all wheel drive technology and anti skid system in a lamborghini. i have to say that will be a hell of a ride. i got a ride in a friends murcielago and we did 0-60 in 3.4 but the way the seats are made and formed, and mold to your body, you dont get that violent performance car feeling, unless you dont keep your head on the head rest, then you have a sore neck for a day or two.

cujo, so u mean there will be a murcielago vt version?

what u tink about murcielago with on top a double turbo of 700 bhp. i had porsche turbo and passing to a car(aspirated) is not such great ting, that's why i wanted put that on top. here in europe kaufman and affolter makes is, someting like stryker there in usa for vipers

The Murciélago is fast, definetly my first choice, from the video's i have seen, it takes off quite nicely and with a high degree of control, plus im sure it can smoke a Viper no problem (my most hated car). The only thing i don't like about the Gallardo is that it is too close to the specs of a Viper.

i love the power of the murcielago but i still think the diablo vt (1993 model) is the masterpeice. i think it looks alot better than the murcielago but i have a picture of the murcielago VT and it kinda looks like a stealth fighter. its got the SV air scoops on it and i have a picture of it on one of my disks here and will post the link to when i find the disk. although what i like is the look of the murcielago roadster, that is one mean look;. the V shape of the engine cover gives it a more agressive look than the murcielago 6.2 . i do not like the spyker nor the porsche. i have seen way to many, and as for dodge vipers and corvette Z06, i absolutely hate them, every one has them, they are almost as common as a honda civic here, or as over in europe that would be a golf GTI.

I'd have to say that the Gallardo is my favorite at the moment. :P

It has a more Italian design than the Murcielago, like the headlights for example. The Gallardo is also more compact and has that typical Lamborghini vibe.

But the all time favorite is Diablo VT 6.0. Gorgeous and fast. :wink:

i agree. thats the one thing i dont like about the murcielago, those headlights, they kinda seem a bit to girlish. but i like the look of the gallardo on the front but thats it, i dont like neither of them. the gallardo doesnt have that lamborghini vibe because the doors swing open like a regular car and its only a V 10 engine. that sucks

I think putting a 4.5 liter 12 cylinder engine would have been a better move than that 10 cylinder in the Gallardo . As for headlights, i like the Murcielago's lights better. I also would feel safer blasting people on stoplights and going thought some twisty windy road on 18's instead of 19's, just too little air and rubber for me. I hear 19's are too easy to blow out on a burnout (I love dodges infine wisdom putting 19's on the rear tires and 18's in the front). Both cars seem to have their own different strong attributes, But im a Murcielago man.

The 12 cylinder territory is already covered by Murcielago, and a V12 not only would have made Gallardo a lot more expensive, but it would have conflicted with the sales of it's big brother. The point of the Gallardo is to be an " entry level " Lambo, and the V10 is no slouch.

Swapping 19" wheels for 18s' would not be too hard.

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Hallo imported_felix,


schau doch mal hier zum Thema Lamborghini Murciélago (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.


Der V16 Motor zum Selberbauen (Anzeige) ist auch genial.

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It was. Luc Donkerwolcke is an Audi designer, and I think it was overbearing of Audi to assign their own designer to Lamborghini. The Murcielago is not an ugly car by any means, but it reflects the design philosophy of a non-Italian. It's appearance is very sterile in comparison to the Diablo, which was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who is Italian. ( About as Italian as you can get. )

I am not big on the styling of the Gallardo, at least from the rear. If you have ever seen the Lamborghini Cala concept of 1995, a little Lambo with the V10, it definately looks Italian.

Somehow, an 8 cylinder Lamborghini just doesn't sound right.

Somehow, an 8 cylinder Lamborghini just doesn't sound right.

And it didn't work well in the real world either.

Ferrari has always been good at making decent 8 cylinder cars, but Lamborghini just never got it right. Same could be said for Ferrari trying to make 6 Cylinder cars which were lackluster and Porsche who some of their most practical cars have 6 Cylinders, which really makes me wonder about them venturing into 10 cylinder land. This really shows that many automobile manufacturers have their niche in performance and design and should stick to them because it is very difficult to venture outside the design field they are good at. Exception being the Gallardo, which really shows that Lamborghini is on top of their game, can really think outside their box, and have yet to build their best cars.

This is why i think Lamborghini being bought out by Audi is a good thing, it gives them deeper pockets and also give lamborghini more resources for better design and function.

Lamborghini having Audi money to work with is great, only if Audi can refrain from tinkering with the Lamborghini charictor. Lambos' are generally large cars by sportscar standards and they need lots of cylinders and displacement, so they should stick with it.

Porsche has experiance with V8s', so they may build a good V10, but we'll wait and see. I think when certain companies are so strongly associated with the way they make a particular kind of car, like a Lambo with no less than 10 cylinders, or a flat-6 911. Everyone expects a certain degree of consistancy in the way their cars perform. They must have certain qualities that define them, or it's just not good enough.

When you introduce a car thats' drastically different than the ones that made you famous, and the public has a problem with it. Thats' when you know that your cars are more than just machines, but something that people have taken into their hearts, that they don't want to see change.

It's a big risk.

Absolutely! The first time I saw one, I was in Jackson Hole, and right then and there I knew that I had to get one, and then I did :D . Pictures don't give the Murcielago any justice. The Gallardo looks amazing even in print, so I can only dream of what t must look like in real life. I am 100% for the new Lamborghini direction. Audi has put some practicality into the Italian Stallions. This isn't a draw back by any measure either, the king of the road the Mclaren itself has far more practicality than even an NSX. The only thing holding me back from ordering a Gallardo is because I want to drive it first since I've heard reviews saying that the E-gear system is actually better than the standard 6 speed that they offer.

like i said before, i did not like the murcielago when i first saw it in pictures i thought it was ugly. but then when i saw it in person, it was totally different, and i thought was a work of art. but latenightcable you said that it shows the design philosophy of a non italian designer. i dont know how you can say that cuz it actually was designed to show the characteristics of all three of the more well known lamborghinis. the miura, countach, and diablo. the way the back cover is made of the rear window with the slats that can only be seen through by looking straight on is taken from the miura, the curves are taken from the diablo especially between the front and back wheel wells, the way the trunk is made on the front is taken right from the countach. and the rear air intakes is suppose to be a resemblance of the diablos, but i think thats only when they are down, i think its more of a mix between the countach and diablo intakes, diablo when lowered, and countaches when raised. but i do also think that the new direction for lamborghini with audi is a great thing, but also i do not think that lamborghini should have put a V12 into the gallardo, since it was made for the purpose of competing in the smaller sports car market like the ferrari 360 spider and modena are in. but on record gallardo is a ugly car from what i have seen in pictures.

as i was saying before my computer had to restart on me, i love the murcielago performance and looks. i cant wait to finish university and buy one, but i will always be a diablo man. that was the masterpiece and it will always be my favorite of all cars

True, Like I said before, the Murcielago is not a bad looking car. But, according to cujo, it was intended to be a mix of past Lamborghinis', or as I see it, a Belgian designer's interpretation of Italian style - I'm an artist who studies car design, so for me it's quite obvious to see. There is no doubt that the Murci is a much more subdued design than any previous Lambo, particularly the Countach and Diablo. I like the looks of Murcielago, and Gallardo too from certain angles, but my favorites will always be the wild, off the chain, pure Italian design statements of the Diablo, and Countach.

well i have the proof that it was designed to be a mix of the past models with its own great performance and luxury. i am also an artist that studies car designs and i know what your saying about it looking like a belgian engineers view of italian design (wich is a little off from the the actuall italian design). countach was my fav until i sat in it, it was a really stupid idea on everything in the interior. but i still love the look. i dont know if im alowed to post outside links so im not going to post that site but if someone knows that i am allowed than i will post it.


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