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Cayenne's V8


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I read a Topic (poll) of you all with a NEW 911 with the V8 of the Cayenne.

What I think porsche should do is to build a new model range with the V8 Cayenne engine in the front of the car.

That could be A VERY VERY nice car don't you guys think.

Something like Ferrari's 550/575 Maranello.


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there has been both word of a spiritual 928 succesor with a front engine V8, and it would be nice, but for the moment it has been sidelined. There is also word of the 4.5L V8 going into a rear mount in the 911.

The 928 was nice, but never a success, so I am sure a front engine v8 porsche would be nice, but no big success.

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As I posted under the 'Poll' topic, I think that the one good thing that has come out of the otherwise pointless Cayenne, is that V8 engine. While useless for the 911, a larger luxury coupe such as a new 928 would be a good idea for this engine. I think that the market has changed since the last 928, and now such a car could get a better reception.

The 911 should stay as it is (and probably will) with a boxer 6.

i'd like to see the boxer six continue to evolve and be enhanced to continue to power the 911. The 4.5L V8 would be ideal to power a front-midship powered luxury cruiser. I'd love to see a 928 style car come back in low production - more luxury than sport though.


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