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Murcielago V's 360 Modena v's 911 TT


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I am interested in a Murcielago but have not had the opportunity to test drive one yet:( I have driven the 360 Modena and the 911 Twin Turbo (996?). Can anyone who owns a Murcielago please give me their opinions if they have also compared them to either of the above cars.

I found the 911tt overly engineered thus making the car somewhat boring:(

I liked the 360 Modena but the build quailty was not great, it reminded me of a vette with the rattles, but i loved the noise & looks:)

I hope the Murcielago is no worse in build quality than the Modena.

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I own a Murcielago and it is well built. some say that it even has some of the famed German precision in engineering. the car sounds wonderful and is extremely fast. the Modena is a nice car, but it has no torque. the Porsche is great in this field but the Porsche is not as much of a head turner at all. the Murcielago is much better than the other two in my opinion.


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