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Diablo GT vs Pagani Zonda


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i would have to disagree. the newest zonda is much better than the gt. the lambo looks like a race car, the zonda looks like a spaceship. the gt has 5 gears, the zonda has 6. the zonda is 1000 lbs lighter. gt: 0-60=3.8,

top speed=205. zonda: 0-60=3.6, top speed=220. the lambo's displacement is 5992 cc and the pagani's is 7291 cc. the pagani has 90 lb-ft more than the diablo. the only thing that is better about the diablo gt is it has 12 more horsepower and is $60,000 less than the zonda. the only reason that i stuck up for the murcielago in the murcielago vs. zonda compare is because the murci is my baby. :D

The Diablo GT: 0-60 3.7sec same the zonda.

top speed : 212 mph not 205.

Diablo GT: 0-100 8sec

ZONDA : 0-100 8sec also

The zonda looks ugly from the back and the front.but the diablo is very nice but i will take the murcielago which is a sport car not a supercar like the zonda or the diablo

i am not going to write about diablos or murcielagos or ...i am going to write about 1970's car...Lamborghini MIURA JOTA...zonda has lost in its dust,coz its 0-60 is:less than 3.6,can u believe that,just 33 years ago,wow

khaled65, which year are you talking about. '99 was the newest i could find specs for. the zonda is sweet from the back, the front isn't the greatest and he diablo gt's wheels are horriffic. the gt only looks fast when it's going fast, not the same with the zonda. the interior in the diablo is far inferior to the zonda, hands down. the only diablo that i would take over a pagani would be the '01 6.0 because it is just sweet and it's a lambo.


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