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Which car? 2004 BMW M6 or 2003 Mercedes Benz CL600?

850 Ci

Whcih Car would you like better?  

  1. 1. Whcih Car would you like better?

    • 2004 BMW M6
    • 2003 Mercedes Benz CL600

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Im thinking of getting a new car in replacement of the 850Ci. Which one should i get? BMW M6 - 500-550 horse V10 5.5 litre? with ? torque and sub 5 seconds to 0-60mph or a Mercedes Benz CL600 - 493 horse twin turbocharged intercooler V12 5.5 litre with 590lb-ft or torque. also im wondering if the CL600 is just semi automatic or a standard and i heard the v10 m5 and m6 has a 7 speed SMG gearbox

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No question. With either a 550hp V10 or possibly a 675hp V12 to come, a 6 or 7 speed SMG - and over 400lbs less to drag around, M6 is the clear choice. The M6 will have sub 4 times to sixty. SUB 4! Think about this, a big coupe, 4 seats, and performance to beat a ferrari 575 - how do you top that?

yup. CL600 supposedly runs to 60 in 4.3 (best case) with a 5 speed automatic. M6 should be running it in 3.7-3.9 - keep in mind that the mercedes engine will pull quite violently off the line, and taper as it revs higher - the drag from the turbos (and rocker arms on its SOHC valvetrain) tend to limit it. The BMW on the other hand builds towards midlevel - and then level all the way towards 9000rpms with direct acting DOHC, Valvetronic, Dual VANOS, and an intake that is unrivaled - the BMW simply has the advantage in high speed acceleration.

M5 and M6 will simply be amazing. Simply look at M5 now.

I new at this site, and I have to say there are a lot of great cars. My favourite car at the moment is a BMW M3 Cabrio and Mercedes sl 55 amg. The only thing is that i.m from Denmark and the prices for these cars are... well hold on......respectively 180500 and 377360 Euro :evil:

I think I'll leave my country right away :P

first off, i was referring to the 2003 CL600

2002 CL600 - 362hp 5.5L V12

2003 CL600 - 450-475 (depending on market) hp 5.5L V12

The 362hp model was 4.7.

And here is a matter of simple mathematics

2002 M5 - 4100lbs - 394hp - 0-60 in 4.8

2004 M5 - 3700lbs - 550hp - 400lbs lighter, 156 more hp - and "won't be much faster" than 4.7 "if that". Huh - Ok. It must have some real small tires then.

Clearly the new one will be much faster. Look at the numbers.

Dinan's S2-M5 with 470hp and 4000lbs. runs it in 4.1 seconds (road & track). Now if this does it in 4.1 - why would a lighter, newer, more powerful car be slower.

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you know i see the new seven often on the highways around here and its amazing how cool it looks one time and then all of the sudden when u change views you almost get lost and don't know how to look at it any more!!! its definetely not boring its something else

There are elements about both of the Z4 and 7 that I don't like, but in whole, they could be worse. I feel there is definate potential in this line of design, but I fear that all we love of bimmer could die if this goes too quick. In the end, this design will prevail i think.

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The Fox is definately right on this. There is a lot of potential in BMW's new style, but its integration into the BMW model line has been too swift. Another problem was that it was introduced first on the new 7, the car in the BMW stable targeted towards the most conservative audience. If BMW had begun with the new Z4, a more radical sports car, I think the automotive world might have been more accepting of "flame-surface" styling.

If you'll look at Bimmer history, typically some low production car is introduced sporting really modern and divirgent styling, 7 series is the first to adopt the new body style (Like in the late eighties). Five series follows, and three comes last. I really do feel that a mild refresh of the 7 design is in order (like 3 saw for 2002). For god sake, give it a decent tail. The Z4 is breathtaking in person. My feeling, if 5 series looks really good when it gets redone, all is good, and if it flops like 7 series, bmw is in some trouble. At least the bread and butter 3 series stays the same for a while to come. By making 7 the new car, they can afford the transition time (how much money do they make on 7?). If they started on the 3, the time between release and when people finally got used to the look of the car would be long enough to financially hurt BMW.

I drive is 75% to being a really great system.

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Are some pics, spys, and photoshops of what the 6 series will look like. That spy pic looks very close to what probably the 6 will look like. I know for sure that the back of the 6 is relatively the same as the 7, but it will shape and match better than the 7. If SPortCarTesting is right, will the V10 just be a 650Cia nd the V12 the M6?

If a 650 appears, there is no way the same V10 that goes into M5 will find its way in. Either this will be a larger version of the 4.4L V8, or a detuned version of the 5.5L V10. I would like to see a V12 into 6 though.

im sorry it would be the 655Ci. BUt yeah it would be a de tuned version of the V10 if its true, which i think wont happen. But the V12 has to be put in some other car than just the 7 series. the V10 655Ci would probably be like 400-450 horses. If this is truw god knows how much Hp and torque the V12 wouold be!


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