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Do u know The Lamborghini related cars? check it out...


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hi everybody

its the lamborghini related cars in their best italian engine:


2)BMW M1

3)Cizeta morodor

4)vector M12

5)Viper RT/10 Roadster

6)Viper GTS

7)Viper GTS/R

8)Zagato Raptor

9)Gigliato Aerosa

10)Hueliez Pregunta Roadster

11)Bentley Hunaudieres

12)Bugatti 18/3 Chiron

13)Bugatti 18/4 Veyron


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The vast majority of those cars, Lambo just collaborated on (ok, so the Bentley and Bugatti are completely Lambo) - like the viper - Lambo just adapted the Dodge V10 to aluminum - and tuned 90 more hp out of it (not all so hard as it was an 8.0L engine making 310hp when it got there)

Thanks for the list though. I think that Lambo will stop collaborating on no VW projects now though.

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hell no, Bugatti has nothing to do with Lambos. Bugatti has been around for alot longer than any crappy lambo. Bugatti has the nice W enignes when lambos use V engines. there is a difference!! :evil::evil: 2nd off Bugatti is not italian make its french make, Ettore Bugatti is Italian, he moved to france. Also Pierre Veyron was someone he meet in france and had as the driver in races. See Veyron french not Italian!! Then the Chiron isnt Italian either. Go to http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/ there they classify every car by the origin of the car. Look for those and they will be under France. There is no Italian Bugatti. I would like to know how u could compare a Lambo to a Bugatti They look totally different, they have different types of engines, different Interior.

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crappy lambos??? wow thats the first time ive ever heard anyone say that.. i strongly disagree in the fact that lambos are crap... they are amazing as for the bugatti being produced in france that is true... but bugatti is italian so origin is in the eye of the beholder

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the bugatti is a french car, it has always been one, it has although many thought had an italian spirit. Veryon is being built in France.

The W engines are more refined than the V12 in the murcielago (and likely the V10 in L140) - but the W engines are also German - and find their origins in the volkswagen VR6 - a passenger car motor, the lambo vee twelve is original italian hellfire. It is a stretch to say the Ws are better. Furthermore, the power of the W16 comes from its very high pressure of turbocharging. It will be fast, but in terms of sportiness in the classical sense, it is unlikely ferrari or lamborghini have much to fear. Lamborghini's are not crap. They just have always had to compete against ferrari :P

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Do u know who is bugatti's designer?

ofcourse u dont know...

its designer is lambo's original designer since Miura up to Diablo...he is Mr MARCELLO GANDINI...

& as u know both of lambo & bugatti are owned by VW,so they have a relation!!!

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Bugatti 18/4 Veyron

On a late October 1999 Auto Show in Tokyo, Ferdinand Piëch presented the fourth new Bugatti prototype, the Bugatti 18/4 Veyron, again a name taken from a famous official Bugatti driver of the past.

This all new Veyron was still based on the Chiron chassis, which as we all know already was taken from a Diablo VT, because of the great four-wheel drive configuration, one of the best choices available to try and master the 650 Nm of torque and some 555 Bhp of the W18 engine.

A first glance at the new Bugatti showed very high potential, the car screamed speed from every angle, emphasized by the special three color paintjob on the shown prototype, two big air intakes were visible at the front of the car, just underneath the typical Bugatti horseshoe grille, which in case of the Veyron was very well integrated into the overall design of the front, this functional grille was accompanied by two large light units using the

by now standard Xenon® technology.

When looking at the front of the car, two small air intakes are visible on the top of the car, these were used to pull air into the engine compartment, but were also mounted this way for sheer looks, they made the car look like a real jetfighter for road use. Just as with the Chiron, the engine wasn't completely covered, the top of two of the three 60 degree, 6-Cylinder rows remained visible.

To the side of the car, two big air intakes were also blended into the design, these would cool down the massive rear disk brakes, which were covered by giant 20 inch wheels with 335/30 tires.

The rear of the car also meant business, twin round lights were used and the initials of the founder of Bugatti were centrally mounted, the exhaust pipes were also very special, three pipes were used in a centre mounted unit.

This new Veyron was only 4380 mm long and with a height of 1206 mm coupled to a width of just over 2 metres, the Bugatti was very impressive to look at, even at a standstill. By using the known 555 Bhp W18 engine and the extensive use of Carbon Fibre on the bodywork, a top speed of well over 330 Km/h. would be available.

For the interior about the same materials as on the Chiron were used, a kind of Havana/red colored nubuk leather, combined with brushed alumunium made the interior look as sporty and exclussive as the bodywork, the central console actually housed a chronometer, probably to time your accelerations. Also on this console was the gearlever for the 5 speed manual gearbox installed in this early Veyron model.

Overall the new Bugatti Veyron, designed by Hartmut Warknuss (head of Volkswagen's Center of Excellence Design), looked really good, the impression it made on the Tokyo Car show visitor's was great, but if this car would actually be produced was unknown by the time Tokyo closed it's doors.

Rather surprisingly, Bugatti unveiled a new evolution of the Veyron in 2000, now finished in a refreshing silver metallic paintjob, this new Bugatti didn't use the W18 engine anymore, a completely new 16 cylinder engine was mounted, still visible from the outside to impress onlookers.

During 2000 this car was extensively tested by Bugatti, and rumours of production started to go around, when the 2001 Geneva Auto Show opened it's doors another evolution of this new supercar was shown, again painted in the classic Bugatti blue, this car perhaps didn't show much difference except for the wheels, but underneath things were modified heavily, but the best was yet to come ...

On the 2001 Frankfurt Auto Show, when the brand new Lamborghini Murcielago was unveiled, Bugatti performed another trick, they showed the, what they say, final prototype of the Veyron 16/4, using an 8-Liter W16 engine with four turbo's, this car could put no less than 1001 Bhp at 6000 rpm on all four wheels with a massive torque of 1250 Nm.

This 'red' Veyron still used the four wheel drive from the first prototype, but that's about all it had in common,for starters a new seven speed sequential gearbox now was installed, an enlarged wheelbase of 2700 mm gave an overall length of 4466 mm, still 1996 mm wide and only 1206 mm high, this Bugatti looked fast and furious, but would it perform too ?

According to Bugatti it will, when they finally start deliveries of this $700,000 car, the customer can be sure he'll end up with the fastest thing on the road, a top speed of 406 Km/h (252,3 Mph) was quoted ! Bugatti will even ship out a special engineer to the owner to perform high speed testing, preparation for a 400 Km/h top speed run will include different programming of the engine electronics and even fitting special Michelin tires, just for this run, afterwards these will again be removed by the engineer.

Let's wait and see the first independant tests on this new exotic when it actually hits the streets ...

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i am at the edge of my seat waiting for the first indapendant tests, to see how bugatti stacks up.

I thought all of the 18/3s were Chiron and the 16/4s are Veryon. The reason for the change was the difficulty in producing the W18 engine. The lamborghini platform is most likely the best awd center engine platform yet made. I am not sure where the original design for chiron is from, but most of the exterior/interior work is from inside VW. The final AWD system will be one slightly more advanced that what one will see in murci. The Bugatti is slated for 3 electronic differentials to Lambo's 1. The 21" Magnesium Wheels are pretty amazing.

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Damn, those are two beautiful ladies. Thanks for the pic. But, The Vector M12 had collaboration with Lamborghini, But as far as I know, the original W8 was a pure Gerry Weigert (sp.) endevor.

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yeah, i am pretty sure that a lamborghini is about the widest car you can buy. both of these deserve to be on red carpet.

the EB110 is one of my all time favorite cars.

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Buggatti and Lamb are ver yclosely related and are now both under the VW umbrealla. These two cmpanies (aong with Lancia, Maserati, ad Fiat) were sibblings, all of them if I'm not mistaken. No wonder those two look so much alike!

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