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Pagani Zonda C12 S vs Murcielago


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You cannot compare these cars... they´re too different. The new 575 Maranello vs. Murciélago is a good compare. Look at the laptimes on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Pagani is too fast for the Murciélago, the Maranello is on the same level...

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1)The Murcielago looks better than the zonda.The murcielago is the beautiful car i have ever seen.

2)Murcielago costs $275,000 but the zonda costs $400,000

3)The pagani 0-60=3.7s

Murcielago 0-60=3.6s

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

can you tell a difference driving if a car 0-60s in 3.7 or 3.6?

Perhaps, if i were going to spend that much on a car, it would be worth the extra for the reliability of a mercedes powerplant?

does anybody actually own a zonda. i'd like to speak to them

i think that this car is very different. it looks like something that you would see 50 years from now. the interior is very sweet. i think that if anybody was to spend 300,000+ on a very fast car, might as well spend it on a s7.

it is all personality. The S7 feels steve mcqueen race-car, the pagani feels gran turismo techy, the S7 427 V8 is a wild hell spawn beast, the Pagani Mercedes V12 is a smooth, unemotional powerplant that just spools it out. One would feel like speed racer in S7, and feel like donald trump in Pagani.

It is taste.

My dollars would just as soon go to Steve Saleen as well though. I'd take an S7 over a CC V8, Murci, Enzo, Carrera GT, SLR, Veryon, simply because it feels like a real race car. I'd drive it to work every day too.

personally, f50, enzo, and veryon fall before the s7 because they are cooler, and the pagani comes just after that, but i just can't bring myself to spend so much on a car. the murcielago is enough for me for a long time. maybe some day.

how can you say those are cooler. In terms of jaw-drop value, nothing compares to S7, if you just cruise by, someone will think you stole a racer from the local track. It screams all american big block with the deep burbly pushrod exhaust, it handles amazingly (as it weighs a good 800lbs less than any comperable car), and is mindbendingly fast, i can only imagine one with a supercharger.

the S7 is a screamer. Simple as that.

yes i watched the top gear...i dont know if u notice or not that zonda beging to go with burning out but murcielago started to go normal without any burning out...the zonda's driver was a professional driver but murcielago's driver was Mr jeremy clarcson & he is not very cool & professional driver...murcielago is a LAMBORGHINI and it has original italian v12 mid-engine(the first mid-engine car of the world was Lamborghini Miura) and it is 4wd(the first 4wd supercar was Diablo) but zonda's engine is Mercedes's engine...lambo is building cars since 1963 but zonda!...lambo has more than 40 cars but zonda!...lambo is amazing and very nice and good looking but zonda is just like a frog...

so these make me to only chose the lamborghini murcielago 8)

Although the pagani zonda is faster.Most people will buy the Murcielago,Why? Because it's more Beautiful than the Zonda.

The murcielago is a sport car not a supercar.You can compare The Diablo GT withthe pagani Zonda.

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Read CAR magazine's issue "2002 S.C.O.T.Y.". the Brit./South-African Mag. rates the Zonda "Sports Car Of The Year 2002".

It's actually in it's 2nd iteration (or sub-iteration). (I'm talking about the Roadster version.)

I honestly don't think the Murcielago performs as well as the Zonda. The Zonda can pull an easier and faster 175MPH and can pull better Gs at high speeds (and low speeds). But the difference is marginal in most cases so they're fairly equal.

Most people don't like the quad-hoola exhaust at the rear of the Zonda, and the Murcielago is a Lamborghini, so the Murcialgo kind'a wins the battle of looks and identity, and thus redeems itself.

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