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911 Models.


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Im myself a big Porsche fan and i would like to hear your words about the 911 models. Everything from 911,930,964,965,993,996. You prefer turbo or regular engine. Rwd or Awd.

I love the early leight models. 911 Carrera 3.2 is a favorit with weight of 1200kg. 930 Turbo is a cool car but dont like a 4speed gearbox and that kind of lag. And the body slows the car down against the carrera model.

964 i think is the dark cheep of 911 model same weight as 993 but less aerodynamic and no 6speed gearbox.

On turbo side the 993 Turbo is the best looking turbo ever but would be better if Porsche took of the 50kg extra awd system but the biturbo engine is great. 964 Turbo 3.3 is almost slower then the 964 Carrera. 964 turbo 3.6 is a beast when the turbo starts to spool sad thing is that its a bit to late. 964 Turbo 3.6 S is one of the fastest cars porsche ever built and one of my favorits.

The only new 996 car i realy like is the 996 GT3. Think the sport spirit is gone. They are almost as big as for example the Bmw M3. To much systems for me.

About Rwd vs Awd. I think Rwd is much funnier gives higher topspeed, better acceleration, less weight and no understear.

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Shaunt all the group B cars were cool. Damn i want that class back. The 959 is so rare and most of the owners like never drive their car. Seen some 959 replicas. 993 Turbo with 959 kit and 600hp is nice. Was one for sale on mobile.


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