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Years ago Lotec consisted of two companies. One responsible for the body parts and one for the engine engineering part. But years later the body part company has been closed.

But the part of Lotec doing the engine tuning still exists. It is owned by Kurt Lotterschmidt (I hope I wrote it right). And he is still tuning standard cars (especially Porsches) to powerful beasts. A lot of tuning companies use his engine. I guess Gemballa does it too, but I'm not sure.

Both, Lotec and Gemballa, are still high quality tuners here in Germany.

I've also driven a Lotec tuned Porsche RS in the past. But this story will follow.


Oh yeah, the Lotec Sirius. It has 1330 hp, but it is adjustable. 800 hp with .85 boost and 1330 with 1.2 boost. That is one powerful TT Benz engine.

The car is still a concept car, but they have stated that it wouldn't take them that long to build a road version of it.

Wow, it is a beautiful car.

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