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Vipers are back to the N'Ring


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I love this quote "All I know is that this car didn't even have a rollcage, still had a radio and working air-con - AND you can walk into a number of dealers and buy one to drive home (such as Tomball Dodge, who were one of the forces behind the effort)."


P.S.: die beiden ACR waren aus dem Showroom von Tomball, TX zum N'Ring gebracht worden.

P.S.2.: die rote ACR-X did a 7:03 run!

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Hallo ViperGTS,


schau doch mal auf Vipers are back to the N'Ring (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.

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Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

Quote Originally Posted by fastandloud View Post

Hopefully not already posted...haven't seen it at least. http://www.autospies.com/news/Compar...urgring-66951/

Once you get everything sync'd (close enough at least) it's kind of fun to watch the Viper v LFA fun together!

outstanding link, thanks!

i started/sync'd with the lfa about 1 second ahead of the viper. took about a min for the viper to "pull on" the lfa and then pass----too much fun watching it happen

also watch the difference in required driver input on the same areas of the track, you can see the skill needed to pilot the viper and the nannies on the lfa controlling/smoothing out the curves. driver's car v. poser's car for sure. before anyone flames me , i know the lfa is a fine car and the driver is probably skilled too, but we will never know as his skill is not as required to zip around the ring like the viper driver's is......

thanks again for the link

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