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Wieviele CEO's gibt es, die mit den eigenen Produkten (ACR, ACR-X) Rennen fahren

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Ralph Gilles. :-))!

Riding Shotgun in the Dodge Viper ACR-X - With Ralph Gilles

I met Tom too in Salt Lake City - he is famous on US-TV

Am Abend vor der Vorstellung des Prototypen der GEN-V trug er die bei VOI's übliche Ode vor:

Ode from Viper

Ralph Gilles, October 2010

I am Viper and I just survived the worst nightmare.

For a time shunned by my pack, left me for dead they did dare.

Put to auction by men with big egos, who just wanted to cash in.

The three headed dog had no spirit, no soul, no heart, no passion.

My parts were measured and price tags installed.

My soul trampled and dedicated keepers almost dissolved.

My spirit deflated, and my fate a dark, seemingly hopeless place.

But my soul still glowed like a red hot ember; never giving up the chase.

Then the night mare was somehow over, I was back on the team.

Saved from oblivion, given the chance to once again dream.

To be made - a final five hundred and five - ACR-X's, Laguna Secas, Vooodoos.

And one-of-ones in unique colors -- my new owners did choose.

Virtually every fantasy humored, owners designed their beautiful jewels.

My friends at Connor and Prefix were in chaotic fury, straining, breaking every rule.

D'ann's beautiful earth tone wonder was the last to come down the line.

Thanks to all of you who joined in the Last Viper Event - both a happy and sad time.

For the track I was given a new heart with 640 horses and amazing new shoes.

Another Racing League was created -- racing...now that's WHAT I WAS BORN TO DO!!!

I felt like a rock star all summer slamming down records, my supercar friends in awe and respect.

Not quite sure why they were so inferior, despite the high price tags and all their high-tech.

Yet, there was still one burning question driving everyone out of their minds.

Would I be re-born, would it make business sense, justification could they find??

Then these words to describe me were uttered: "so beautiful and unique, so just..."

A wise business man with a soul agreed, my re-birth was a must.

My new body is simply breathtaking, curvaceous and taut,

A true reward for you faithfuls...life hard fought.

Priorities once again will need to be rearranged,

Garages expanded and spouse problems contained.

I am back in the Dodge Family, ready to take my place at the helm,

Honored and humbled to be among new vehicles that will delight and overwhelm.

The new and future Dodge's will have my Venom coursing through them once more.

Passion, fun, power, performance -- All part of Dodge's RED HOT core.

Soon you'll meet my brothers and sisters that also won this long hard fight.

Come see them later..............and you will NEVER forget this night...

I am back, stronger than ever, a true American icon.

Viper Nation: Because of you, and for you, THE LEGEND LIVES ON....

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Anscheinend keinen weiteren :D



set a new record at Laguna Seca - forgot to mention O:-)

Nothing else is faster.

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