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Bertone BMW

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Wednesday 12th February 2003

Bertone BMW Is A Big Draw

ould this be BMW's ultimate driving machine? Insiders at the German company certainly seem to think so. Set for launch at the Geneva Motor Show next month, this stunning coupé is being tipped to become the long-awaited and limited-edition Z5, first revealed in Auto Express in issue 683.

Although it is still a secret project outside the Bertone styling house where it's being created, we've managed to get hold of the first official picture. The model is said to be under consideration by BMW bosses, who want to get 'back to basics' with sports cars. Its lightweight construction means it would offer not only affordable thrills, but also efficiency; sources tell us it wouldn't need much more than 250bhp.

However, the concept goes further than this. Based on an extruded aluminium chassis similar to the mighty Z8's, it offers an M5-derived 5.0-litre 400bhp V8. Its sloping bonnet, teardrop cabin and muscular rear end mean there's bound to be huge interest at Geneva. Understandably, BMW and Bertone are remaining tight-lipped about whether the new machine will go into production. But its simple manufacturing techniques are thought to have caused them to seriously consider it.

Bertone's last BMW sports car project was in 1961, when the company produced the 3200 CS. Since then, BMW's classic sports cars have included the M1, Z1 and Z8. Giancarlo Perini

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Mir auch nciht...die C-Säue ist so unharmonisch...aber das Verhältnis Heck:Motorhaube finde ich gut :-))! kurzes Heck sehr lange Motorhaube...die Front ist hässlich :puke:


Viel schlimmer als das 7er Heck kann es wohl nicht werden.

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