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I drove my 2004 CLK-320 thru. salt and snow in the past months. Probably it's too late, I am thinking about putting additional rust proofing. I do not see any post talking about rust-proofing for MB cars.


1. How is the stock rust-proofing for a new MB?

2. Is there any need for 3rd party rust-proofing?

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I never heard of "rust proofing" but you have a 10 year corosion waranty, so if it ever does rust in the next 10 years or so you just take it back and MB wil put a fresh new shine on it.

There is something called "paint protection" or "gloss protection" what they do is spray a very glossy and very hard layer over your paintjob so it's protected for the next 5 years or so.

MB is coming with their own stock system for this which can keep your paint glossy for 5 years of normal use.

Over here ProTECH is big on gloss protection. A new CLK costs € 565,25 you get a 5 year waranty with that. If you look around I'm sure you will be able to find a similar service somewhere in your neighbourhood.

Rust protection is a little overkill (your car comes with a 10 year waranty), I'm not even sure how you're supposed to protect your car from rust. Gloss protection is a good idea.

That's why you gotta protect your paint. Only if your paintjob is scratched very very deep (with a nail or something) it would rust under the paintjob and that's not covered by the waranty, the rest is. As long as nothing gets under your paintjob (some snow, sand and salt wont be enough) nothing happens. What the sand, salt and snow do however is scratch the top of your paintjob making it less shiney (glossy) and overtime your paintjob will be damaged in such a way that water will get under it and so it will rust.

So as long as you protect your paintjob and make sure nobody walks by with a nail your car will be pretty safe.

What you could do is rust-protect (there's no such things as proofing btw) the bottom of your car. But the bottom of your car already has extensive protection and is covered by the corosion warranty.

The gloss protection is a good idea. After the gloss treatment, do I still have to wax my car?

Another thing is because of frequent long trip (500 KM one way), I went to put in the 3M Stone Gard. I guess I should not apply this gloss protection over the 3M plastic.

The guyz who put it on my car told me that you only need to give your car a occasional wash to wash away the dirt, no waxing or poloshing because that would take away the protective layer.

I don't know about the grind and the stones, over here you get a 5 year waranty on everyday use covered by sand, snow and dirt. Maybe it's better if you find a center near you which provides these services and have them advise you on what is best.


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