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Your favourite Ferrari ever?


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F50 with Tubi sport exhaust system :grin:

this car sounds crazy & looks really beautiful

I'll really enjoy driving it with the targa hard

roof off :grin:

of course as i'll do with any car i'll buy, 1st i'll

cut & throw the damn stupid catalytic converter in the

trash bin :razz:

I own a 550 Maranello and I am doing exactly as you recommended.... I am junking the catylitic converter and even the silencer and fitting racing straight pipes from Koenig.

I believe the 550 is the greatest all rounder. The 288GTO the MOST beautiful and Daytona or F40 as the ultimate Ferrari...(so far)......

Certainly the 550 rescued the reputation of Ferrari V12 cars...by being the best handling Ferrari ever.

well, thats a difficult question, all of them have something special about them. the maranello has an incredibly simple but yet appealing styling, the 456gt seems like the most exclusive car ever, the barchetta is among the most beautiful, the 355 is also very nice, the modena has a different styling but is still realy cool, but so far, the F50 is the most exclusive of them all, so id say its my favorite

The sound a car makes is vital to me.....

Although I have never heard it, I have been told countless times that the V12 from the Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona is the best sounding engine EVER....

If this is true - it is probably the ultimate Ferrari.

(released in 1968-69 - it could do 70mph in reverse gear and a top speed of 174mph -(I think) - this is amazing if you think about the time)

Hello mate. I have been doing a lot of research about what is the best sounding exhaust and which delivers the most power....

There are three options: Tubi Style (very popular with Americans!), Koenig-Specials, and Hamaan Motorsport.

Seb and I have been discussing it. My friend has a 360 Modena with a Koenig sports exhaust which sounds great. Unfortunately I have been told that modifying your Ferrari with non-factory parts may invalidate the maintenance warranty.

I will probably turn to Koenig - Maranello Sales in Egham, Surrey said that they are prepared to fit (and most UK Ferrari drivers use their parts) it but as I intend to remove sound deadening also, I would rather have Koenig Specials in Munich do the work. I'll drive the car to Germany with a friend just as soon as I can take the time off work! After that I'll post my car on the website!!

My Favorite Ferrari is got to be my fathers F355 GTS it has a garret Turbo,its the fastest and only Ferrari in our town its has a screaming sound especially when it passes by you it wiil make your eyes pop out :eek:

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Heya guys, I'm new to the board, so let me take this opportunity to send my greetings to you all.

As for my favourite Ferrari, well, it's one of those "who is your favourite child" questions.

-Grew up lusting after the 308s

-Love the sound of the Modena, esp with Tubi ( never heard a F40 or F50 yet :cry: )

-For looks I have to go with the 355 GTS, although every Ferrari is a work of art in its own right.

Ciao amici

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I would have to say the Ferrari 360 Spider. I know its not the fastest, but its looks outmatch Britiney Spears.

The Ferrari 550 Maranello is tight as hell, too. The sound of the V-12 in that car will make you have dreams. If only the 360 Spider had a V-12... Ferrari, you listin'?

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Not an easy question to answer. But overall, I'd say that my favourite Ferrari of all time is the 250 California Spider. Either that or a 250 GTO. These cars had the sort of charm and character that's impossible to replilcate.

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I will always have a place in my heart for hte F50, and the output engine of the F40, but the 250 GTO just strikes me as , love me, take me, do what you want to me!!! lol

haha i love the vaitety of the F series as it prolonged more and more into a greater supercar each time....

First with the 3 liter twin turbo V8 out of the F40 pushin 478 hp, and 425 tq. I was so freaken amazed it was only 3 LITERS....the thing had 160 hp per liter...wow man. wow. for its era, it had sub 4 second 60 times, high eleven quarter miles, and top speed over 200 mph. It was truly a badahss car made by ferrari in its time. 415 k would get you out the door wiht one.

then with the upgraded F50, the 4.7 liter v12 520 hp, and 347 lb feet of torque thrusted the 2900 lb car into a new era for ferrari. Being the car that they call a Formula One car for the street, ferrari based its grand stand in the super car world. Though under torqued and out weighing the F40, the F50 was still a faster all aorund car. 600+k would get you one of these.

Now wiht the whole new rendition of the "F60", aka Enzo, Ferrari put all its Formula one aspiration, and antics into it. With the new 6 liter V12 pushin 660 hp, the new enzo is by far amonst now the top cars in the world. During a period of great achievement for Ferrari, the Enzo reflects victories which include four consecutive F1 championships. The Pininfarina styling and semi-automatic, six-speed transmission trace their roots to heart of motor sport. No doubt, Enzo Ferrari himself would be most proud of this limited series named in his honor.

I will always love the looks of the F50, but will give it up to the motor and efficiency of the F40. But i think nothin matches the new elegance of the Enzo!!!!!

Ferrari rules!!!

That's all great, but you're wrong on one thing (and I must admit I made the same mistake myself): the Enzo isn't the Ferrari F60. It's just Enzo Ferrari. The F60 hasn't even come out yet. If you read my post like I asked you to, you would know which one I'm talking about. Ah heck, here it is for your reading enjoyment, pic-viewing pleasure, and convenience (and to make things easier for me):

















The Ferrari F60 will reportedly have a maximum speed of over 380KPH and achieve a 0-62MPH time of ~3.0 seconds. And it will have a V12 under the bonnet with upwards of 650HP.

WTF, no way dude, so you are sayin that the F60 is not the Enzo. I swear i have read reviews sayin that the name was changed, and this was suposed to be the F60, but htey decided to change the name. It just doesnt make sense that they would create two supercars liket hat, i mean if they were creatin the F60 i am guessin it would come up on there next aniversary, but stlil not like ferrari to create two supercars around the same time. Since i know you are always right inw waht you say, i am oging to follow you on this one, but still i am a skeptic that this should be the F60 , but later named Enzo.......weird, weird, and more weird!!!

I'm afraid so. But don't worry this F60 prototype isn't ruining Enzo's parade, nor is it going to be stealing the spotlight for quite some time to come, I recon. Looks to me like it's still got a ways to go before news of it is actually even made public. Their next annniversary isn't for a while I think, and therefore they're technically not releasing two cheetahs (the Enzo and the F60) into the wild at the same time.

For all I know the Enzo could very well be the F60; just a rebodied F60 prototype that you see above. But one of the main reasons this doesn't make sense to me is because the Enzo was announced as an honourary car for Mr. Ferrari, and quite frankly it doesn't have the performance to be an Fxx, and it doesn't even match the F50 or F40 in performance numbers. It CAN'T be the F60. I think the pictures I posted are an early premature development and testing phase proposal rough of what is to come. And even if Enzo was the F60 then we can always wait for the F70! :wink:

Hey thanks for your encouraging appraisal of what I say, but I'd advise you to ask more people before you completely trust what I say. Ask Fox and ask Ferrari lovers; they often know better than me and you when it comes to this stuff! :lol:

-Edit: Oh, one last thing: look at the nose on the drawing (sketch pic I posted), it looks much like that of the Enzo, but at the same time it doesn't look like that of the "F60's" shown above it. I don't know, I think everyone's going to make up their own minds about this one until something more reliable is revealed to all of us.


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