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BMW e21 upgrade


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happy new year guys and i miss u all so much i hope u remember me . i got a question i have now a bmw e-21 with a 1.8L stock carbourator not ingiction i want to put a turbo on it as it is can i do that or i must upgrads the pistons with a low compresion . i am waiting ur replys thx guys

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Hallo lord335,


kennst du schon BMW e21 upgrade (Anzeige)? Dort ist vieles zu finden.


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Well, I don't know much about the e21, but with any turbo the answer is that it depends how much boost you're going to run. If it's a small turbo and you're not running that high (~10 psi is pretty low), then you probably won't need to change anything. Also remember that it depends on what compression ratio you're running right now. I know that in the past there was a tuner who had a race car with a turbo M10 or M20. I only know a little about your engine, but it seems it has the highest compression ratio of all the e21 engines available. If it's easy and cheap, it might even be a good idea to go to the 323i's engine, as there are more people who've put a turbo on that.

I think you should ask someone who has a lot of experience with BMWs, especially the e21.

i know that the bmw e21 with an engine 1.8L i think it low compression so i'll try to put the turbo charge on it as it stock with 10 or 8 psi .and i will try . thx man for ur help and if u have anything else pls tell me .


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