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Here is what I hope it will look like


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Yeah, my parents are getting that property I was refering to. I have yet to get pics of the car. This is what I hope it will look like. Yeah, I was kinda of off on the year. The one I am going to restore is a 1949 Chevy FleetLine Special 4 door. The one in the pics is a 1950. It is hard to find anything other than service manuals on this car.




The car I am getting needs just about everything. A new roof, a new hood, a new trunk lid would be a good idea, glass, floorpans, seats, driveshaft along woth other things. It has the generic rust on the bottom of the doors, and quater panels. The floor pans are soft, and the roof is rusted through along with the dents in the fenders(easily fixed) the passenger side door(again easy) and the cracked cowl hood. It might be a fun project. It has a 231 cid L6 engine, I dont know if the tranny is even there. Can't complain for free though.


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no pics I cant find the camera I am deciding whether or not to take it on as a project it has that something about as opposed to the car in the pics. But it will be alot of work. Just the body........ all panels and doors rusted out. The frame on the drivers side rusted and broke. All the hnadles and knobs have rusted internals and dont work. The glass was destroyed by bricks. The roof is rusted through, the hood is split in half. There is no interior to speak of. Plus the car is sinking into the terrain. I have yet to see the engine its is a 105hp Inline 6 cylinder with an automatic 3spd. on the column. All the metal has gone soft. I can have it but is it worth it?

Holy smoke. Free is great, but it sounds like a parts car. Restoring it to anything close to drivable would probably require more time and money than you have to give. I admire your vision for it though.

Aside from the mechanics, it sounds like it's in great need of sheet metal work. That'd be quite a job in itself, unless you want to go bondo crazy. But that wouldn't solve the floor pan.

I love classics myself, and I don't want to tell you to not go for it, but perhaps you might want to look for a car in at least running condition.

What are you suggesting Bleh, a Honda transplant?? For shame, don't even think of it! Even if you don't restore the car anything close to mint Iroc, at least you'll have the pride of knowing you saved an oldy.

Finding parts for a 60+ year old car will always require a fair amount of searching, especially when you need everything. May I suggest Hemmings Motor News, it comes out monthly. They don't call it the " bible of the collector car hobby " for nothing either. If you are undertaking a major restoration and looking for parts, or just looking for a ride, this publication is invaluable.

website - http://www.hmn.com

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if I can save the motor and tranny I will,(chevy engines are cheap, you can get one for like 50 bucks and rebuild it for 2000, and have a 500hp motor) Its the frame that I am worried about, can that even be repaired? The entire drivers side is loose! It just rusted and fell off, Floor pans are nothing, the roof is a pain. The rest is take apart, metal patch and rebolt on.

If the frame is rusting and falling apart in pieces, you may want to find a another Chevy chassis of similar vintage and build on that. You deffinitely want a solid frame to work with. At least your not trying to rebuild a Packard.

Now comes the part where you search vintage junk yards from coast to coast, and place ads looking for an original clock! But again, this is where Hemmings comes in handy, since old car people from all over are selling stuff.

Hot rods make me cringe. Which are different from rat rods.


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