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It's a national holiday over here and the local BMW dealer is holding a promotional event. Guess what? They have a M5, 745i and a E90 320d.

The M5 looks just awesome in reallife. It's nothing like those awefull pictures on the BMW site. The black paintjob also looks awesome on the car opposed to those computer generated pictures on the BMW site. My request to get in and start the engine was denied, dunno why.

The 745i also looks great. The facelift has done it good although from some angles it still looks a little strange and sometime a little dull. The car was individual head to toe. Onxy blue looks really great altough in the wrong light it does look puke. I don't know what the interiour was.

The E90 look hideous! Mainly because of the wheel arches. They're so huge and wide that they even make the stock 17inch 225's look tiny. I think you would atleast need to fit this car with 19 or 20 inches to make it look somewhere near decent, altough those wheelarches are still awefull. They atleast stick a good 2cm out the sides of the car.

You can see what I'm talking about on these pics:




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Yeah, I think they went overboard attempting to give the new 3 an athletic stance. The overall design lacks harmony, it's a real hodge podge of lines. If 17 inch wheels look small on a 3-Series, something is wrong.

The M5 better look hot. It's probably as good as an E60 is ever likely to look. Since it's only promotional, they'll just let you stare, but just wait till the commotion dies down, they'll let you start the engine.

It looks good. What holiday was it? Labour day?

30th of April is Queens day over here, which is the birthday of the queen. Actaully it's the birthday of the queens mother but when our current queen took the throne she promissed to keep queens day on 30th of April.

And ofcourse not to forget that if 30th of April falls on a sunday then queens day is not celebrated on 30th but on the 29th of April.

And please believe me when I say that those pictures might look somewhere near half decent but in reallife it truely and seriously looks hideous.


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