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new times from the strip


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brought my car to the strip today for the second time. clutch is still an issue because i havent installed the rs4 yet. new mods are asp catback and p/p intake. i ran on 93 again.

first run, launched very lightly due to my clutch. spun the clutch a bit, then shifted into second SPUN THE CRAP out of the clutch. rest of the shifts were dead on 62-6300rmp. for those of you that dont know shifting at redline (7k) on stock turbos is pointless.

time was

60' 2.178

1/8 8.952

mph 81.88

1/4 13.706

mph 104.21

second run i decided to launch at the same rpm, but to let the clutch out a little faster so it didnt slip as much. worked. got a better 60' (barely) but i think because i didnt slip as much the slightly colder clutch held to second a bit better it slipped a bit but only 100-250rpm

60' 2.053

1/8 8.807

mph 81.08

1/4 13.596

mph 103.74

second run i didnt really pay attention to shifts, i dont remember if i shifted at redline.. but i think i did. (hence lower mph)

my old best with just a chip and intake was (only clutch was dying at this point)

60' 1.934

1/8 8.758

mph 80.29

1/4 13.610

mph 101.19

i know my mph improved... but not by what i thought it would. i also know that with the rs4 clutch ill be able to launch much harder and not spin between shifts.

with my new clutch i should trap 105-107 and my et should be 13.0-13.1 on 93 octane. high 12s on 96 octane. my friends personal best is 12.8 with my mods on 96.

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new times with new turbos (2 months ago)

12.31 @ 113

93 octane, full tank. low boost setting, stock IC's stock wheels, stock tire pressure, no weight reduction, stock cats.

still room in my 60' which was 1.77

temp was~60

ill definetly hit mid 11's on my high boost (after i get better flowing NON plastic IC's) + pump gas

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