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Hello out there!

I'm new here to carpassion and was wondering if anybody knows how long it typically take to have videos posted once they're uploaded. I really enjoy coming here and checking out all of the cars, nice site!

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hey man, its nice to see people actually start posting on the forum! welcome. usually you have to talk to one of the mods to get videos up hosted on cp. otherwise if you have em on another server you should be able to show us now :-))!

Thanks for the welcome. When it comes to computers I know enough to get myself in trouble and format my hard drive about every 3 months. I wish I had the know how to have my videos on another server but that's not happenin' here. I'm not computer illiterate, just slightly impaired.

Thanx Bleh! :) The only mods so far are just cold air and custom exhaust. I have stiffened the chassis quite a bit underneath with some bracing. Future plans are: chip, cams, underdrive pulleys, intake, and aluminium flywheel. As far as the chassis, coilovers and larger swaybars. I do autocross with it in the local BMW club. I placed third in the "B" class last year after only 4 races and had to race 2 in the AST class after the motor swap.

nice! what swap did you have done? i was going to say stick with your stock spring rates if you wanted to stay in bstock, but too late.

so are you a member of the scca?

i dont know what class ill squeeze into this year with my minor swap...

The car originally came with a 1.9 liter 4 cyl and I swapped in a ///M 3.2 and ///M Tranny. That's actually what bumped me into the next class. Right now I'm not with SCCA but I would like to join eventually. I just mounted a set of chrome 17" ///M wheels today but I'm not sure if I'll keep them.

so what's your minor swap?

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Hallo '96ModZ3,


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so was everything plug and play as far as the ecm goes? and also was wiring difficult? or do you just use the 3.2 engine harness and the 3.2 ecm? i know nothing about swapping bmw engines.

my swap really isnt that big of a deal. its just a super econo swap. a friend swapped in a civic type r complete swap into his civic and he was selling his old swap(~125hp) for 300. at the same time i found a civic cx for 1100, which is one of the lighter civic hatches weighing in at ~2100lbs but with a ~70hp motor with rediculously long fuel economy gears. so given the prices i bought both. its not rediculously fast, but its quicker than all oem civics with exception to the type r, but they arent in the states.

A sleeper Z3, pretty cool. I'll assume ModZ3 didn't have too much trouble with his swap, since BMW engines seem to fit into just about any BMW you put them in. Even the 4.4 V8 fits into the Z3.

Was the M engine and tranny very expensive to aquire?

The swap was pretty straight forward. I would like to say that I did it, but I don't want to take credit for something I didn't do. The motor is out of a '97 M3 along with the wiring harness and ecu. After dropping the motor in they had to swap out the harness and ecu and take it to the dealership to have it aligned (the key and the ecu). The tranny is out of a 1998 pre production right hand drive MZ3 that only had 2200 miles on the clock when it was put in. The guy who did the swap had many connections and was able to get this car only if he promised to cut it in half and use it for parts. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready for the swap the motor had already been sold. The total cost was unbelievable. Total out of pocket was just over 3000.00. Bobby (owner of Strictly German) gave me trade value for my motor, tranny and any other parts they could use and I essentially paid for the difference (Around $1400.00) plus labor $1600.00

The complete package was around 6200.00 before he took in my parts. Try and beat that on Ebay!!!! X-) Bobby is really a cool guy and has worked with me on different deals. I think his website is www.strictly_german.com He gets all kinds of cars from auctions and either repairs and sells them or parts them out. Originally when I went to talk to him it was just to get advice on installing a supercharger on the 1.9. He asked me why I would spend 2600.00 and max out the 1.9 at 200hp when I could drop in a 3.2 and start with a base of 240hp. hhmmmm, good point. yeah latenight the sleeper idea is cool, but I really like the muscular look of the wide rear fenders. Anyways, thanks for all the positive comments. I'm going to try and take some stills tomorrow if the weather holds out.

sorry bleh, didn't mean to ignore you. Sounds like your well on your way to creating a monster. :-))! It's funny, no matter how much hp you have, there is always a desire for more! And you know my thoughts are on HP! :)


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