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2004 Saleen S7


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Yeah, I think Saleen recently pulled that little incorrect factoid from their literature. I know he took it off the Saleen S7 specs web site. Now, he says 200+...

It looks cool and sprints for-way-real, but it's not going 240. No way.

the S7 is a big car, don't let it fool you. it's fast, but not 240 fast. That requires some pretty special stuff in terms of aerodynamics, gearing, and power curve. Just the same, I'm not about to belittle 205mph. That said, that means it's not any faster than ford GT

that means it's not any faster than ford GT

Very good point. It makes the GT look like a real value. Mind you, the GT's only gone 205 in a Ford test at Nardo, but it's always testing right around 200. Very fast for a Ford production car, and unbelievably inexpensive considering the company it keeps.

I haven't seen any sprint speeds on the '05 GT, but that's one area Saleen will stay untouchable.

(BTW, thepolarfoxqx, I saw your exact XKE in the running for the 2005 Chick Magnet AGAINST THE S7! on the AutoRox voting page.) Hysterical. I voted for '65 Healey...

a sexier vehicle will never come into being than the XKE. the XKE was the highpoint in the art of automobiles.

In terms of all out sprint, the GT gives the S7 a good run for its money. The GT's supercharged 5.4L 32V engine has a better torque curve than the naturally aspirated 7.0L 16V engine in S7. I would say the S7 is a degree faster, sure, but at 3 times the price, it really should be more than that. The S7 just needs more motor. The scary thing is that ford could get another 50hp out of the GT's motor just because of the flexibility of their very robust supercharged layout with enormous intercoolers and capable overall archetecture. Saleen has the 7.0L pushing as hard as it will push i'd wager.

The S7 not really being any faster than the GT is news?

The GT, and in the case of the S7's big pushrod block, these engines are a testiment to the value a large lump of an engine. So much power can be brought out of them with reletively simple modifications. They're just so tough and robust, this is why they will always be the preference of many over a lighter, higher revving design.

Never a sexier car will there be than the XKE? Sir I challenge you to a duel. O:-) Sure, it's a slinky little sports car, but come on.

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you find me a sexier car than the XKE. That car is everything romantic about automobiles, everything desirable about living well, everything beautiful about human creation, crafted into a single, flawless creation, that is perfect even in its deepest flaws.

Come to think of it, the XKE is the epitome of the classic sportscar, I'll give it that. But what is "sexy"? Sounds like that old Victoria's Secret ad campaign, but it's a real question in this context.

The classic whale tail 911 could be regarded as the sexiest car. It says brutal, but it has the curves, and it has the proportions that say sexy.


You have the Ferrari 250GT California - Wild Italian style, I'm sure this is every bit as sexy as the XKE in someone's eyes.


Let's not forget the classic sexy Bavarian, the 507. More shark-like than anything else mentioned, but every bit as sensual as the Jag.


And these are just sportscars. Who says the sexiest car has to be sports at all? Things that make you go hmmm. :)

The GT is a much more sophisticated engine design to start with. On the topic of sexy, i've seen a 911 and a 507 before, and I contend the XKE still stands uncontested. The 911 is more masculine. It's attractive, you won't want to reach out to caress its lines though. The 507 is sexy, but not as sexy as the XKE.

Personally, IMO the XKE and the rest of the cars that LNC posted look like complete dog shit but that's just me. The newer Jag XK's look a helluva lot better but they still aren't that great of looking cars.

Skyline thinks the 911 looks like dog shit, I'll keep that in mind.

I'm jumping ship on this topic, but the S7 discussion looks about out to pasture. The XKE is one of the most curvacious cars around, but it always struck me as being too much car and not enough chassis. Look as the wheel to body relationship - Atrocious! It looks like it would fly of the road doing 20 mph. I don't find the XKE very flattering at some angles, but it's definitely a classic.


Skyline thinks the 911 looks like dog shit, I'll keep that in mind.

But of course you know how I feel about Porsche so there in that lies your answer :lol:

I'm sorry but those cars look like shit and I see absolutely no beauty in those cars at all except for their antiqueness and being a classic.

yes, but skyline's taste leaves something to be desired based on his recent comments. To him, i'm sure some supra looks better than the XKE. Who knows. The 911 is a gorgeous car. The 507 is sexy. You found one ugly shot of the XKE. So what? It's the earliest years of XKE that picture showed. The XKE, by the late 60s was incredibly attractive. As attractive of a car as has ever been made?

Are you saying that the XKE can't handle? It was amongst the highest performing cars of its day. Few to no production cars could touch its topspeed, it's acceleration would edge the fastest muscle cars, and it could corner nearly uncontested. What is missing there?

That's just your personal opinion though polar. Everybody has their opinions. My opinion is the XKE/507 is very ugly but in most cases old old cars usually are.

It might be a classic but it being a classic doesn't give it a beauty all of it's own. Beauty comes from straight aesthetic's and not antiqueness.

I didn't say the XKE couldn't handle, of course it could - like gangbusters. But it looks like it would fly off the road, remember, we're talking asthetics here.

Okay, here is a later model XKE - a 1969. But what's this? There is that crazy wheel to body relationship once again. You see it's not the photo, this is just an unflattering angle for the XKE. The front quarter angle - one which should be a car's more flattering ones.


I will say this though, the car looks quite good anyway in hardtop form.


" I see absolutely no beauty in those cars at all except for their antiqueness and being a classic. " That's kind of contradictory isn't it? :-?

The way I typed it out made it seem contradicting. I was meaning I don't see any beauty at all in those cars except for a little and only reason SOME people would think they're beautiful is because they are antiques and classics. I just worded my sentence wrong.

I don't find it gorgeous from every angle, and it's more exotic than sexy. But then, this is about personal preference.

About the funky wheel relationship, I too think it can be cool, but not on a sportscar so much.

it's a difference of opinion then. But here is one thing i'll say, it is the most feminine car i can think of. Its soft curves make it feel alive. To me, the XKE is a beautiful woman in a black chanel dress. It's the charlize theron of cars, whereas the 507, with harder lines is more an uma thurman. It's all taste. Aesthetics in cars are like aesthetics in women. To me, the charlize theron like lines of an XKE cannot be topped.

See it?



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