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Audi RS4 MTM chip conversion. Anyone know anything???


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Hi all,

I have had a 2001 RS4 (38k miles) for the last 18 months and am chuffed to bits with it. It does what is says on the tin (but not too loudly!!). Anyway, I'm considering getting it chipped, and have been quoted £1500 for an MTM conversion. Has anyone any experience of this conversion, and if so, is it worth the money? How does it compare to the AMD chip conversion? I've been told that it should give me an extra 40BHP to give 420, but is there anything else I should consider??

Any comments or advice, gladly received!

Onward and upward,


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A buddy of mine has a RS6 which he had tuned at MTM in germany. He had it chiped and had the exhaust and intake done. It now has around 560bhp. He's gonna get the suspension and brakes done aswell.

As far as I've heard from him he's very satisfied with what MTM has done.

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MTM does a great job. i have the 458 hp conversion which is really great. talk to mister linke from mtm, he can tell you everything about it. its worth the money. the difference between 420 and 458 is also very big. much more power in upper rev regions.



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i can hook you up with a guy that does hybrid turbos for that car. also i know someone who is making a full bolt on kit ( manifold, brakets, etc) to run twin gt28rs turbos. should make serious serious power.

chip wise mtm is good, but overpriced IMO. look into giac. they have VERY aggressive chips,and cost less. however im not 100% that they do rs4 chips, but i dont see why not.

i say slap on some hybrids. my buddy put them in his s4 and he is well over 500hp.

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