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Leaked E90 Brochure


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I don't know what language this is but the pictures speak for themselves.


The design is not bad but it's not good either. It's kinda a crossbread between to old 3 series and the current 1 series. Oh well could've been worse, guess we'll have to grow into it.

Hard colors like lava black and imola red are back again, which is a great relief over the artsy fartsy colors that were available on the 5 series.

The 330i does 258bhp @ 6600rpm and 300nm @ 2500rpm. 0-100 in 6,3 secs.

Great base for the M3, can't wait for it.

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GIR you are the man.

I think that's slovien. Not totally sure, definately a western slavic language, but not sure, it looks like slovien.

It looks like the 3.0L got valvetronic, which could explain part of it's jump to 258hp, which is certainly enough to keep it competitive, i think the design is a good fusion of the new bmw style and the classic 3 look. The interior gets all thumbs up from me, the engine start button, the rich wood, large screen, rear leg room, classic 3 gauges. I love that they made it a higher revving motor too. Think what a 258hp 3.0L would do to a Z4, i mean right now mags have gotten the Z4 to 0-60 in 5.2, 5.3, with the new 3.0L, i think the Z4 would be in old M-Roadster territory.

As for the M3, isn't that going to be off the 4 series (3 series coupe)? I'd love to see a 4 door M3 again, but i don't if it'l happen.

I am impressed by the new 3.

Whats even more interesting is that things that were previously only reserved for M cars are now standard. Dual VANOS, Electronic Variable limited slip differantials, 6-speed transmission are one of many to note.

The regular E90 might approach the current M3 handeling wise.

I'm not sure as to whether the electronically controlled limited slip will be of the calibre of the one used in M-Cars, sorta of dummed down like the SMG used on the Z4 and 5 series non-M cars. The one on M3 and M5 is terribly expensive. It is half as good though, it will make handling stunning. The limited slip differential has left luxury cars for some time now, the 3 hasn't had one in a some years, it's interesting that they are resurging.

Dual VANOS has been on all bmw engines for a while now, or atleast everything 6 cylenders up, and the 6 speed stick became standard on the 3 for the 2004 model year.

Ugh, this car is going to need a lot of help from M.

What a fussy design, and the tail lamps are horrid. There is deffinately a lot of X3 in there, and a little Z4. The dash is another seasick special straight from the E60. I swear, Bangle has never heard of clean design.

Power is good, the engine start/stop button is kind of cool, but still a gimmick, would be a little surprised to see that make regular production, at least in the U.S. It's a bit of an enthusiast touch, the average buyer wouldn't understand. " You mean I have to turn the key, and press a button now too?? "

Overall, the car seems to have the goods, but also a lot of junk to make you cringe too, like a German vacation with the Hilton sisters.

A german vacation with the hilton sisters would likely make me neurotic, but that's beside the point. I don't care about attractive, i just can't see past stupidity, but i'm mean.

The tail lights aren't as bad as you say. they grow on you, like the rear end on the new 5. They kept it as true to the previous as any recent BMW, the sides, the front end still have some extension of e46 theme carried forward. I think you need it to grow on you a bit. I think it's an attractive car.

There are two types of people who buy BMWs, people who love sporty driving, know the start button, and like the sporty heritage behind it, and posers. Posers love the start button cause it lets them tap into the sport image even more, something they can point out to passengers in hopes the BMW can make them even cooler. I hate those people, but beside the point.

The added power is great, the electronic rear diff, this thing promises to be the greatest 3-series driving thrill around.

I actualy think this disign will give the M3/4 a slightly sportier look.Bangle didnt stray to far from the e46 design.It looks like he took an E46 and kind of sculpted around it and payed close atention this time.All the controvercy in the other disigns made him not get to crazy this time.He did a great job. as good as anyone else could of if not better in my opinion.When i first saw the 7 for the first time a was pretty upset.But now that ive seen the rest of bangles work I think he realy is a genius.

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Hallo GIR,


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I think I have seen pictures of the new 3 before, including the tail lamps, and they have never grown on me, nor the 5 or even the 7. I guess I'm just the sort who isn't swayed over time. I still think Bangle pays too much attention to fussy detail, and not enough about what can be done with a well placed clean line - which is a lot. Lots of old BMWs' are a testament to this.

I think the new 6 was created in a rare moment of sobriety. :???:

the 6 is sexy, there are certainly elements of the 6 front end on the 3. I'm one things can grow on. The 7 I have always thought is made or broken by the color,white works well on it, as does black, anything ouside that is flakey at best. The 5 isn't perfect, but has it's redeeming points. The Z4 is blessed with beautiful proportions. It isn't that well designed in terms of sex appeal, but is very interesting to look at, it's just hard for a car to be ugly with those proportions. The 3 seems to be a good fusion of old and new, I think it is fairly attractive.

This sucks because all it's showing me is a little box with a red square on the top left, green circle in the middle and a blue triangle at the bottom of the box. Is there a different link you can give me that works?

I found the pix off of germancarfans.com and to me they look AWESOME! I like the interior alot. The M3 looks extremely sexy to me and very mean looking. I like that, I hope they continue with the look of that concept and bring it to production.

As for what I can gather here is the peformance and specs given by an unofficial image of the brochure in Slovenian.

BMW 320i

Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder - 150hp@ 5,500rpm and 148ft/lb@ 3,600rpm torque.

Weight: 3,075lbs

0-60= N/A

BMW 325i

Engine: 2.5L I-6 - 218hp@ N/A and torque is N/A

Weight: N/A

0-60= 6.9 seconds

BMW 330i

Engine: 3.0L I-6 - 258hp@ 5,500rpm and 221ft/lb@ 2,500rpm torque

Weight: 3,362lbs

0-60= 6.2 seconds

BMW 320d

Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel - 163hp@ 4,000rpm and 251ft/lb@ 2,000rpm torque.

Weight: 3,285lbs

0-60= 8.1 seconds

Are you sure your RPM and torque numbers are accurate, it seems like they had to wind the 2.5 and 3.0L out further to get that. I'll go back through that thing again, but i remember the horsepower being like 6,600 rpms. The redline is up to 7,000. My guess is that since they haven't really gotten any heavier, but have gotten more powerful, they should be faster. The video is cool, thanks for that.

I wonder what the weight distrobution is like, cause that thing is tossing the tail all over on the track.

the 330 i believe, the 325 could be right, the RPM figures don't make any sense to me though, usually to get that kind of output you would shift the torque curve up, those numbers indicate the curve had to be shifted down. In fact, if the car makes 258hp at 5,500 rpms, it has to make atleast 246 ft/lb of torque, and it would have to be making it at 5500 rpms for 258hp to be possible, so clearly the engine has peak horsepower somewhere in the 6500-7000 range, and peak torque is probably close to 5000.


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