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Motortrend's Focus Lambo shootout


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Hey, I don't know why my last thread got killed. :o But we should at least talk about such an outrageous article. Comments.

PS Shoot, I'd write more about what I think if I knew it wasn't going to get pulled. O:-)

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Uh, your original Focus Vs. Gallardo thread wasn't killed. If you hop over to Compares, you'll see that it's still a top feature. :) Perhaps you forgot where you posted it?

And you're right, we should talk about it.

i thought it was an interesting read...the RS8 will obviously never see production but its nice to know you can build one using soley the Ford Racing catalog.....its a pretty insance performer for the money....but if you couldnt do all the work yourself...the price would skyrocket....


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i'm pretty sure it was a gallardo, and keep in mind that depending on who's driven it, the gallardo has had wildly different performance numbers, some as poor as a 0-60 of 4.8 and as good as 3.6, so keep in mind that could have had some effect on it, if it were someone without finesse, or just not a good day for the mercurial gallardo, that might have swayed it.

And you can make anything fast. Ford does this a lot. They had an escort in the early nineties they turbocharged to beat a vette. they never so much built it, just sort of a lude gesture across the aisle at GM.


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