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Proof-of-concept soundsystem


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Although it's rather edgy, I thought I'd share this with you guyz. Look at this jukebox.


It looks just like an ordinary CD jukebox in a huge cabinet.

The control unit + airjunction


The CD-Rack


What this thing does is pickup a CD from the rack, put it in the CD player and well play it... but with an added bonus.

A 25cm suubwoofer powered by compressed air!


The drivetube of the subwoofer.


A normal subwoofer has been stripped of it's electromagnetic coil and replaced by a airtube. When the pressure in the tube rises it expands, it becomes thicker and shorter. THis behaviour can be used to drive a subwoofer and as a proof of concept, the jukebox :)

The woofer is controlled by 16bar of air and it works supprisingly well, so well infact that on full pressure the conus and the cabinet can't handle the vibration and the whole cabinet strats the resonate. So much that the music becomes distorted. The power output of this is almost 30 times that f a regular soundsystem, if the conus could handle the pressure it could go well beyond the painborder.

What has to be done is research alternative ways of mounting the conus, a solid block of concreet is need I guess :)

Hey who knows, maybe we can use turbos to power the soundsystem.

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very interesting... i kinda understand it and it seems like an awesome idea...but im not positive i get a grip on it... ill read this again when im awake.

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