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Bad Boys


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LOL, and I thought the Impalas' were weak. Over in my town, the parking cops drive Chevy pickup trucks. Pickup trucks??

But I won't crack on the Geo Metro, heres' a little story. My Mom has an '84 GMC van with a 305 V8 that's been through hell and back, we hold onto it for memories. One winter we needed a battery jump for it, and this big fat guy in this little beat up Metro comes along, he says don't worry it'll work. We hooked up the cables, he nailed the accelerator for a minute and the van started right up. That van has needed a lot of jumps over the years, and the Metro was one of the best ones. Afterwards, the guy pointed to his little three banger engine with pride and said, " see that, from here to here it's all motor. " :wink::P


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