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Lingenfelter H2 vs. Lightning


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Indeed, the Lightning man should prefect his craft - but the Lingenfelter H2 is also a monster with 500 hp. Lingenfelter also offers a 415 c.i. stroker package for it.

500hp? holy crap. i knew it was a beast, but not that much of one :wink: but with those mods, the lightning should be running low to mid 12s, depending on the year. but i guess with his unique driving skills, he is running around 16s :o

Thanks so much for posting the video of my LPE H2. It had been nearly 10yrs since I ran the quarter. The Lightning ran mid 15's all night. He actually won that race. I got off the gas early :cry: . The best I could muster was also mid 15's.

I was so disappointed that I called LPE the following Monday and told them. They responded by picking the truck up and running it back to IN. Several weeks later I got it back and it is awesome.

It was running mid 14's uncorrected on the computer. 0-60 in 6.46. Not bad for a 6500lb barn while lighting up the tires.:lol: .

Two wheel dyno numbers came back as follows:

Max HP: 385.5

Max torque: 405.2

Those numbers are at the rear wheel. It is estimated that the 4wd loses about 30% through the drivetrain. You do the math, we're talking about a pretty big number at the crank.

Anyway, I hope to be in Dinwiddie in the next couple of weeks. If you made the vid, come up and say hi.


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