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The Passion of Christ ...


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any one see it? i saw it last night and it was a very powerful movie. the message was strong. i didnt like all the violence but the way it was used makes the message even stronger. i dont see how it is anti-semetic. i would see how someone trying to make problems would, but any normal person wouldnt. i mean what about the holocaust movies? are they anti germanic? its stupid to think that way.

anyway if anyone has seen it let me know what you think about it, share your thought, comments, etc...

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I saw this topic a mile away. The Passion of the Christ, I haven't seen it, but I know opening day was pretty popular for it in my town. Yesterdays' newspaper showed local movie goers leaving the theater, supposedly " moved " but I think the photo looks like they're wiping popcorn grease off their mouths before going to hit the Bob Evans.

They say it was a big risk for Mel Gibson to take, but I don't think it was really, not from a commercial standpoint anyway. A film like that is bound to be a hit, just from all the religious people who would bang the door down to see it, let alone everyone else who might want to watch it just out of curiosity. As for " controversial " , the resulting free publicity is priceless.

I'm not knocking individuals here, but I just knew this movie was going to be treated as the biggest opportunity in 2,000 years for the religious rite to dig their claws into " regular " people, and thats' what it's turned into, with the frenzy that has ensued on how to make the " most of this time ". Usually they just target the homeless, and the broke with their preaching, because they are the only ones' who will listen because they haven't anything else going on. I speak from experiance here, I know how pushy those types can be, in a subtle way. Someone will probably be angry at this, but I think it's rediculous that religious groups are always looking for ways to push their stuff in people's faces. Live your own life! And enjoy your movie.

I've never been attracted to Western religion myself, it's all about guilt and sin. Thats' no way to live.

I've never been attracted to Western religion myself, it's all about guilt and sin. Thats' no way to live.

i could talk about religion all day long. i agree with you here. i mean religion is very powerful... it was/is the cause of most wars. religion is both good and bad. its not the religion itself that is bad, it the people that interpret it in the wrong way...

oh well im not going to get into it. anyone ever see the movie dogma? funny movie but very true. beleifs are strong, ideas are better.

How the lessons of the past are interpreted, that is true. Instead of dwelling on the past and feeling guilty, or repenting three times a week in church, learn from it, and transcend the mistakes. Thats' all anyone really needs to know. Jesus himself would want it that way I think. He was all about selflessness for the good of man supposedly. He would not want endless personal praise.

I've never seen Dogma, but the director, Kevin Smith is worth reading about for his little " rags to riches " story. You know he made his first film, Clerks in 1994 for about $25,000? I've seen that one, just a grainy black & white flick, but it helped shoot him to a profitable career.

While many religions are based around events that have happened in history (such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) others were invented and all were augmented by humans later for their own reasons. "The Da Vincie Code" is an exceptional book, which goes to explain (I can't remember all the details right now) that the New Testament was the result of a man, many hundreds of years after Christ, who was acting out of political ambition. I think religion is much like the codes of Chivalry from the Medieval period in that it is a very good thing to strive for, but hey, we're human. The Tale of Sir Gawain is a fine example of this. I think that people take their religions too seriously. It becomes an obsession, and their reason is clouded by this. I don't get involved with religion, especially Western religion, as there are so many different sects, which to me, is just people shaping religion to their convenience. I believe that all religions teach the same basic principles, and these are good principles to be stressed, but the manner in which these principles are stressed, and how they are inerpreted, leaves much to be disired. I am no scholar when it comes to this area, these are my views and opinions only.

So much for Corvette vs. M3, now we're onto politics. Next week, RELIGION!

What do you know, I told the future :) .

Kleine, you may not be a scholar, but those views make plenty of sense. I do agree that many people's views are clouded by their obsession to religion, to the point where a lot of their moral beliefs of whats' right and wrong are completely scewed.

Living in fear of God is how a lot of them are. They fear they will be sent to hell if they don't abide by what is said in the holy rule book. Thats' really not true enlightenment. In fact fearing God was something concocted by man, to keep the masses in line. It's not God's way.

The thing that kinda bothers me most religions is that it's source is one book which is supposedly written by the son of god / prophet and contains the word of god. Did you guyz ever take the time to read the bible / koran? Well I did both of them actually. And both books contain rather distrubing text. I'm sure that if the bible or koran would've been printed today that it would be released with a parental warning.

Once I got in an argument with some so called "true believers". You guyz should know that I was raised in a religeous family so I kinda know alot. These guyz were moking Islam because the Koran sais that women should obey their husbans and that women should cover their head and so on. So I told them what about "The Epistels"? Their answer: "What about it?". Obviously they never read the bible in full because the epistels kinda sais the same about women as the koran does.

Although the Koran sais that women are equal to man but they have a place in society, they are not obligated todo their husbands bidding and they have the right to refuse of their husbands don't take care of them. The Epistels is kinda f... becuase it sais that women are lesser lifeforms then men becuase women was created out of man and women should obey their husbands nomatter what.

I could go on for hours about things like this. But the main point why I got of religion is that it didn't provide me with real answers. When I start to ask around about certain things the best answer most people can give me is "Because god wanted it that way". Well if god is a supreme being then it sure has some purpose in everything he does, why isn't there an answer to the purpose? Because god wanted it that way isn't a good enough answer.

And also the before mentioned fact that most people have never read the bible or koran in full and don't really understand what it's trying to say is kinda messed up. All the bad things caused by religion is because of people taking smaller parts way out of context and forcing it onto people. Because most people don't really understand what it sais they take it for granted.

I guess we could go on about this for years and years to come but fact is that some people find refuge in religion while other totaly reject it. It's just a personal matter I guess.

Ya, I just saw the movie. And I'm tired of Jews being pissed off at Mel Gibson. That's what happened; are we gonna get rid of the bible too because it says Jews are bad. And also, remember, that's was a Jewish place back then so I'm sure that a) Christians would have done it too and B) Some of the Jews were with him.

On to religion, well. I'm trying to get into another Christian religion right now. But I have to wait on the count of I'm twelve; but the main reason I want to get out of being a Catholic is the big discression of Homosexuals. Listen, Jesus was about love, and if 2 people love each other, what's wrong with that? Nothing. And in case you're wondering, no I'm not gay.

You're 12, how do you know you're not gay? Just kidding.

I think younger people these days have a whole lot more flexible view of spirtuality than generations past. I don't say that to boost anyone's ego, every generation thinks it's more special or it's contributions are more profound than those of the last. I think it's part of the process of greater enlightenment within the human race as a whole.

People are questioning what they have been told, and coming to their own conclusions. Not out of rebellion as such, but from a greater reliance on their own inner guidance. This is good.


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