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New Dutch police toys


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This is something I have wondered for a while. How can European police departments afford to drive BMWs' and other cars that would be considered " costly " without the taxpayers going into an outrage? Unless they are really stripped models that just don't cost as much as they normally would.

Over here in the U.S. chrome hubcaps on a cop car is an indulgance. In fact, back when cops drove Mustangs, some had the standard aluminum wheels painted black, so the public would not become suspicious on unecessary expendetures. Instead of fast expensive cars, U.S. police departments spend their money on stupid gadgets like strobes mounted on just about every surface you could mount them. :wink:

I'm not so sure about the rest of Europe but over here the regional police departments can choose from these:

Opel Vectra

Ford Mondeo

Ford Escort

Benz Combi

VW Transporter

VW Golf

VW Passat

The highway police can choose from the following:

Volvo S60

Volvo V70

The highway police has the following special vehicles:

VW Golf variant

Opel Astra caravan

Subaru Impreza GT Turbo

Subaru Legacy combi

Subaru Forrester

Ford Transit

Opel Corsa 5drs

Citroën C5 break

Citroën C5 sedan

Honda ST 1100 PE

Opel Vectra sedan

Renault Laguna

Renault Laguna 2

Seat Leon Cupra

Subaru Impreza

Citroën Xsara

Opel Astra 5-deurs

VW Passat combi

Renault Mégane II 5-deurs

Volvo S70

Fiat Stilo Abarth 5-deurs

Seat Leon

Opel Astra 5-deurs

Opel Vectra 4-deurs

Seat Leon

Citroën Xsara

VW Golf 4

BMW K 1100 LT

Honda STX 1300

Honda ST 1100 PE

Porsche 911 Turbo

These are all special vehicles with all kinds of gizmos in them. For a complete list you can go here:


As you can see they're not all that expensive, although the gizmos in the highway police cars make them expensice.

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Hehe :D Is that cutie fake? As talking about some real sportcars in the blue colour...What about the Italian Police's brand new toy ;) In Eastern Europe was full of the old USSR's stuff that could hardly reach 130km/h..... For this 130 m/h is a walk in the park :lol:

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Actually, it is an " official " cop car in the sense that it is owned and operated by police. The delivery ceremony is fairly documented. Although it is true that it's really just a standard Gallardo with a paint job and a light bar.


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