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An idea I've been toying around with


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Everybody knows carmakers deliberatly detune engine by altering the computer programming of the engine. This is to have a optimum mix between envoirement and performance. In the case of some car makers they detune the engine to sell the same engine for a much higher price in another model (Opel).

Now there are tuning kits on the market (like Vmax see link on the leftside of this page. But the problem with such tuning kits is that you have to replace the complete ECU (expensive) and in modern cars there is a antitheft system within the ECU, if the ECU isn't supplied with the correct code then it won't start the engine which is a huge obstacle.

Now I've been thinking about this and why not have a external tuning kit? A box which you put inbetween the ECU and it's cable in.

The pro's of this system are:

1. Cheaper

2. Easier

3. No more hassle with security

The con is that wrong programming could kinda make the car unsafe or even destroy it.

I've been examening the ECU on one of our delivery vans and the idea is doable, but would there be a market for it? Are there any systems in the market just like this one?

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yeah, they make those, but they aren't that popular. As newer more sophisticated cars come out, there will be a need, but right now, for most cars being tuned, current solutions work fine. New BMWs don't get their ECU's replaced, you get a programming unit that hooks into your diag port and can reprogram only what parts you need to change. that works very well.

fox is right. the type of system you are talking about is called a piggy back. it is meant to be installed more discretely so it wont be discovered by the dealer. they have switches so they can be turned on and off like most chips, but unlike most chips these splice into the pcm. being as the pcm is long you can splice lower and hide it. also they have other "piggy back " devices like s-afc, v-afc, etc... these are made to plug into any car and tune yourself. its very easy as you can go online and find the settings that other tuning companies used.

There already is a unit you can buy for your trucks. However, I have not looked into this, as I have no trucks.

Sensible reason :wink: . Kleine, isn't altering the ECU something you said you wouldn't want to mess with?

Perhaps GIR wants' to turn his delivery van into a real sleeper? 8)

Well, reprogramming the ECU for more torque and power on a truck from a kit designed to do just that is something I would do myself. If I remember right, I was saying I wouldn't want to remove the limiter on a top-end Mercedes, as it is tied in to the ECU and safety systems. The systems (which on a Benz are very complicated, especially the safety ones) don't take into account speeds in excess of 155 mph, which is an area you don't want safety systems geeking up on you.

the fact you are buying and AMG already says "i want to go fast", you need something better. They probably also want to see you drive before they'd honor any such request for something like that. I could see them doing it for perhaps if you were going to take it on the track, or perhaps extended autobahn crusing.

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That's the nature of AMG, as long as it sells they'll do it. I've been hearing rumours about 2003 S-Class being delivered with a "beta" version of the AMG entertainment system which is supposed to make it's debute in the next generation S.

Depending on the amount of numbers on the check, they'll do it.

another note worthy con of piggy back systems is that they often yeild a rough idle depending on how much you modify any of the maps. there are a lot of factors that tie in and it is possible to smooth it out, and if you cant do that you could just raise it. they are really really cool toys though and if you dont know what your doing you can hurt your motor. i really cannot express enough how much fun they are to tinker with though, especially if you have variable timing.


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