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Are you kidding? More power to them if they have the nerve to pull it off. That V12 could have come from anywhere. It could be a Viper engine with two more cylinders, a Hemi with four more, or it could very well be a Benz block.

I think every high volume manufacturer should have a no holds barred flagship model that makes no money. I agree with that concept.

Who said anything about them? Mercedes maybe. I'm sure they're all pumped from working on the SLR. McLaren seems too far removed from Chrysler involvement, and AMG working in a Chrysler project specifically? I don't know. I think it's very probable that the engine is Mercedes based though.

you know damn well if that car sees production, it will be powered by an AMG V12, and it will be made in germany without any doubts. It is a german supercar with an american name to try to breath some fire into an american brand. Look, the guys working on it were german!!!!

and if it comes to be, i don't know if it will actually perform that fast.

i see it as an injustice to both mercedes and chrysler. For mercedes, they are making the highest performance production car they've ever made, and have to put someone else's name on it, for chrysler, the fact they aren't being given enough credit to let the boys in detroit make their own top notch supercar - american style.

And if benz does it, it probably will be overweight, but if you look at crossfire, that wasn't too overweight, mostly because since mercedes knew it wasn't their name on the hood, they didn't give their usual attention to luxury, ride quality, and opulance they typically do.

Chrysler does have their own team of engineers, they don't need Mercedes doing a car for them. I'm sure if that car was made it would have a considerable amount of Chrysler content, even if the engine itself were swiped from Mercedes.

The luxury content and level of opulance of Crossfire was by no means overlooked, it comes equipped with automatic climate control and individual controls for the driver and passenger, leather power seats, power mirrors, premium stereo, and a host of other things you would find in any other car in it's price range. And who said the ride is not up to snuff? For all intents and purposes, it's a Chrysler, and a good one.

i merely meant the ride is stiffer and less refined than you'd see on any mercedes branded car, roughly audi-esque in ride, the interior is nice, but not quite SLK, and i think this new one, with ME in the name, germans working on it, and a german engine, will be made in germany just like crossfire.

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