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That concept has been around for quite a while, since 2002. It's powered by a 6.0 liter V12, and draws heavily from the styling of the early 60's Continentals'. Which is a high point of Lincoln history.

It hints at the refreshed design direction new Lincolns' will be heading in not too many years from now. I think it needs plenty of work, but I really do like the early 60's inspiration. I hope they run with it.


oh rite thanx.

on the website it says 4 litre v8 but i believe u more than an unnoficial site.

can u tell me how you get the pic 2 come up rather that it making a hyperlink 4 gettin a picture, thanx

first off, that's not an official website. The Lincoln LS is powered by a 4.0L V8, but everything i've read about the much larger and heavier continental says it will be ford's flagship, powered by a variant of the cosworth V12 that Aston Martin Uses, which is 6.0L.

It is a pretty amazing car though. I hope it happens.

I think the front part of the car is hideous. V12 sounds nice but i'm sure its gonna be V8.

And is that a turd pokin out its ass or wat?

If u didn't catch that it was sarcasm but wtf is that protrudin out its ass?

the trunk extends out. I think styling will be pretty nice for thing, i've seen concepts of it that looked amazing. This thing is slated to weigh in at 5,000lbs, so a V8 would be entry level for a car that is slated to bring ford's luxury image back to par. There are a few possibilities. A 427 cu. in. V10 was made for the ford 427, which is suspected to be riding on the same chasis made for continental. The 4.0L Jaguar sourced V8 they use on LS is possible, though pretty weak, and then the cosworth V12.

Look at it this way, they did the GT, and we all doubted that, whose to say they won't do this too?

it looks like to me that lincoln are trying to compete with rolls royce and bentley.

or maybe even the maybach and from looking at the interior it looks like they may have done it, does anyone agree or disagree?

I don't think Maybach is even intended as a real profit maker, but more of an image thing. I doubt Lincoln is aiming for the Rolls and Bentley crowd, but if it peaked their interest, I'm sure Lincoln would like that.

One thing is for sure, Lincoln wants to come up in the world, to be more than just a line of luxury " Fords ". I think they're on the right track with focusing attention to quality, feel, and jewel like details. Thats a big part of what ultimate luxury is about.

Ford never gave anyone much of a chance to doubt whether they would build the GT or not, they just came out and said " we're gonna build it! " To overhaul one's image takes guts, and a V12 Lincoln is in keeping with that line of thinking, so I think a V12 is quite probable. Especially since the engine is already there for use.

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if bill ford likes the lincoln continental, and thinks it will help revive the ford image, it'l get built, and people will buy it - i mean look at it, if they put a V12 under the hood, ford can make it competitive with an S600 and 760Li for a lower price - and it will have its own, distincly american taste to it.

It's nice to know that there is still some kind of home spun pride going on within one of the big three. It's well time American luxury stops being content to play second fiddle. As much as I love fine foriegn cars, I need some American style luxo glamour in my life. :)

When cadillac comes around and puts their northstar into a well balanced rear drive midsize sedan, they may just get something competitive, but america has nothing to compete in league with S600 and 760Li, and I think this could be exactly what the american car market needed to increase prestige.

It sad only one of the big three still has pride in itself (GM is doing whatever will sell cars TODAY, chrysler is bragging about how they are hooked up with germans, oh, and apparently a large investor is sueing daimler chrysler, saying that the companies lied when they called their coming together a merger of equals, when in fact it was a daimler takeover of chrysler, and this misleading caused him to loose money, it's not looking good for the 5 pointet star.

I think Cadillac should do something about the Northstar. 275 hp. @ 5,600 and 300 lb.ft. @ 6,100 from 4.6 liters is not incredibly impressive compared to competition from those such as BMW.

I'd like to see a larger displacement Northstar, say 5.0 with individual throttle bodies, VVT is not neccesary, but if they tried they could get a lot more power out of that engine. Make it a good medium between their V6 offerings ( which is rediculous in a Cadillac ) and the LS-6.

The CTS-V is not too much to look at, but it's big pumping LS-6 V8 with 400 hp. and 395 lb.ft. is just the kind of thing they should focus on if they want to really play in the performance luxury field. This engine also manages to have a more refined charictor than it does in the ZO6. Instead of trying to play the medium displacement game, which certain Germans are best at, just go with what they know - specialize. Ultimately, that will bring them their very own clientele, rather than hustling buyers who have their minds set on a German car.

they got 330hp out of the 4.6L northstar with variable valve timing in the XLR, that isn't too unimpressive, and I believe some variant of it now makes 350hp (not sure which one).The thing was, the 4.6L northstar V8 in STS and DTS made 300hp on 87 octane, which was unique.


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