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I never got why they called it AWD when only 2 wheels actually go. It's based on the way to turn. If 4 wheels actually move the same speed it would be hard, and I mean really hard to turn. So I thought of an idea. If all wheels spun around and you start to turn a corner the outside wheel would shut off and you could easily complete the corner. I'm not too far into the idea but I was wondering what you guys think. Would it increase performance, or decrease?

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thats pretty much how 4wheel drive works. except it is the wheel on the inside of the turn that slows down to make the turn. tou need this to happen because for one it would make it very unstable if it did not happen, and two you have a lot of stress going onto your axle with both wheels spinning at the same speed, and you risk snapping it. the only cars that have fully locking rears ( that are locked all the time) are the full posi units on drag cars. all other cars have this newer system, called a limited slip, or limited posi. its pretty much the same thing. there are a few cars with fully locking differentials ( toureg has them) but even they work the sanme way. the only time they lock fully is when you are going in a straight line and it need to transfer power to the back.

full posi? that's marketting. There is something called a "locker" differential which turns both wheels the same speed all the time. It's great for straight lines, but super-sucky at handling. The mustang GT has a 75% limited slip diff, a 100% would be a locker, BMW uses 25% limited slip on their cars. all wheel drive cars either have a center diff (like audi) that adjusts front to back and then the diffs in the front and back, which offers great handling, or there are cars that just use a viscious center coupling (like my Jaguar X-Type) which isn't as good, but still gets the job done. THat uses fluid to allow for changes in speed front to back in turns.

yeah, all very confusing. I'm personally a fan of the ATB type diffs (automatic torque biasing) like the ones Zexel Torsen and Quaife make. Better yet is the electronic type one they use in the M3 and M5 :D


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