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Gran Turismo 4


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i have noticed gran turismo coming up in some other posts. im a true nerd and i have played a lot of GT3 the past year and i think im a real addict now. i heard the fourth was supposed to be out this winter, does anybody know any specific dates?

i have most of the races completed and a fairly large garage. what are some of the accomplishments other people have gotten?

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Release dates for Gran Turismo 4 have been reported to be anywhere from pre-Christmas '03 to January '04. But it looks like it won't be out until sometime next year by all accounts. It's always changing. Delays have become just a part of waiting for a new GT. I really hope they are spending the time perfecting it, rather than rushing it out unfinished like GT2. Either way, if the screen shots and videos are anything to go by, Gran Turismo 4 should be quite a party in true GT fashion :P !

Personally, I am a big fan of the series. I had a whole bunch of cool cars and lots of money in GT2 saved on a memory card. But I wanted to see what would happen if I took it out while the game was on. It eraised. So remember kids, don't play with the memory card :wink: .

that really sucks that you lost everything. i would be pissed if that happened to me.

it still amazes me that real physics still apply to the game. for kicks i tweaked a civic, i was suprised by how much i could apply my knowledge of fwd suspension, although the metric-standard conversion is annoying.

Plarfox you goofy gamer :D . From what I played, Need For Speed is horrible. If ever there was a game worth $50 ( and there isn't ) it would be the GT series. Those greedy gamer websites think they own the screenshots, but you all get the idea.

I love how eclectic GT is, with courses based upon real courses from all over the globe. Thats' right up my alley. I saw a shot of one of the tracks in a magazine, and a comparison photo of the real place, and they were practically identical.

By the way, the SEMA autoshow winner in Vegas, a 1962 Buick Special hot rod, will be included in the game. Is that cool or what? I'm not into hot rods, but it's still pretty cool.

i think need for speed 6 is pretty decent, atleast i've never had any complaints, the choices of cars, the courses, and the physics of it all. I suppose i should go get a copy of GT for my computer sometime.

I'll have to admit, I got my son the PS2 and Gt3 Christmas, and I think I have a better garage than he does. Currently I have 2.6 mil dollars, 60 cars, and am 77% done, damn endurance races, I don't have that much freetime. I readsome articles on GT4 before responding, and I think I might actually buy the Logitec joystick that's made for this game. 900 degrees lock-to-lock, thats like a real car. Too bad still no Lambo or Ferrari (liscensing issues). I don't understand why Lambo and Ferrari would let their name be used by the inferior Need for Speed, and not the respectable GT, which would do their cars some real justice.

alright now the real goofer gamer will have to show its face: i am 97.9% finished with the game, no cheats, i dont even know if there are any. the endurance races are annoying. so are the last set of series races. the key for that is to have a friend that is just as good as you are and take turns ever 10 or 20 laps and also just leaving the playstation on for a few hours while you just do something else.

i heard in gt4 that they will try to have the computer's cars within 1-2 seconds of what the cars can do on the tracks in real life, and that there will be guys in the pit. where as in gt3 the computers cars were barely within 5 seconds of what the cars are capable of doing in real life. polyphony digital is a bit maticulous, but man do they make a distinction between a racing game and a driving simulator.

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goll. it sounds like i need to buy this shit.
i should warn you first. its not like other racing games. it really takes a while to adjust to the games realism. in the gt series all of the cars seem to understeer (with exception to the formula cars) compared to games like need for speed, also it seems like you are going slow most of the time(once again with exception to the formula cars).

hmm. Do they make that for PC, or am i going to have to go dig out that game cube i got as a gift, or worse yet, do i have to buy a PS2?

I figured it would be pretty realistic, and NFS is inflated in the speeds and the capacities of the cars, i know.

hello again! yes Polarfox! It's worth it! In this game you can adjust a lot of parameters of your car. It's a pleasure to win races in order to afford to buy your favourite car, and once you get it, modificate its parameters to adecuate them to your driving stile or simply to the conditions of the track. I think that this game is the best driving simulator of the history. By the way, I have Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for PS2 and I love it! but the feelling that you get playing GT series is more "serious". I think that GT 4 will not have competitors in regards to its realism. But Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox seems quite interesting too, and in this case there are Ferraris, Porsches and a lot of beautiful machines. Can you imagine a Ferrari Enzo runing Barcelona streets? Here you get it!!!!




need for speed does have a very nice pretty nice graphics engine. if only they could get a more realistic feel for the cars. i think the first need for speed was what got me into driving games. my best friend and i would block off sections of a track and cause a traffic jam while the other would get 200mph and hit all the cars. good fun.

i thought i would post some good generic settings for fwd cars on the game since there are some fwd races and the vitz race is just plane annoying if your not smoking the other cars.


spring rate......14......20


shock bound....5.......8

shock rebound.8.......10





limited-slip init..10



asm 5

tcs 5

nothing else better to do on a rainy friday

I'm not impressed by F1 cars, or any other specialized racecar. If you build a race chassis, and put in a race engine, with no expense spared - it better damn well be fast. What impresses me are road cars made to perform like racecars. Thats why I think production based racing is the best kind. Real cars.

Bleh, about the slammed ride height, wouldn't that make your car jounce all over the track. Or perhaps it depends on the course. My own experience has been to not be too extreme about ride height, otherwise it compromises the suspension's ability to absorb bumps.

I remember playing GT before someone gave me a cool thing called a memory card. I kicked ass in the $1,500 spot races in my little Prelude one night, just so I could save enough money and buy a Viper GTS to play with for a little while.

As you can imagine, After I bought the Viper, I was lapping the other grunts in their Demios like you wouldn't believe. So unfair :D.

it does depend on the course usually but it is never really a problem with lightweight cars you have to remember that the spring rates by comparison are still much stiffer than after market spring rates used in real life with cars that are about as low in real life. this of course goes with exception to cars tuned for rally.

it is a bit unfair that you can compete in the type r race with an nsx...

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LOL yeah i know in GT2 its EXTREMELY unfair when i'm in the Suzuki Pykes Peak and u race in even the ruf and tuner car races and still give them 40 seconds at the start and still beat them by 20 seconds. hehehe

The IGN list of Gran Turismo 4: Concept 2004 tracks:

Tokyo R246

Autumn Ring

Monza, Italy

Laguna Seca (night)

Sweden (rally)

Suzuka (long, evening)

Test Track

Shangai International Circuit

Grand Canyon (rally)

Hong Kong (street course, night)

The IGN list of Gran Turismo 4: Concept 2004 cars:

Audi Le Mans

Bitter CDII

BMW M5 Concept


Chevrolet Corvette

Chrysler ME412

Citroen Sport Concept

DC Design Go

Dodge Slingshot


Ferrari Scagletti

Ford Fiesta RS

Ford GT

Ford Shelby Cobra

Hyundai HCD8

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

Land Rover Range Stormer

Larki Fulgara

Lincoln Marx X Concept

Lexus IS 430

2006 Lexus GS

Maserati MC12


Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren GTR

Mercedes Vision GST

MG Rover V8

MG Xpower SV-R

Mitsubishi Concept-E

Mitsubishi CZ3

Nissan 350Z TT-Edition

Nissan Actic

Nissan Cube

Nissan GT-R Concept

Peugeot Silhouette Concept

Renault Wind

Rhys Millen Pontiac GTO

Saab 9-2 WRX-edition

Saturn Curve

Scion tC

Subaru BS9C

2005 Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec B

Subaru WRX STi WR1

Toyota Alessandro Volta

Toyota FTX

Toyota RSC Turbo

Toyota TRC Concept

Volkswagen Concept C

Volkswagen Concept T

Volkswagen R32

Volvo YCC


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