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favorite car??

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here is a question. what is your favorite car of all times? it could have been a peice of junk, or a work of art. just a car that you fell in love with when you were younger, and never left your thoughts. or a new car that you would love to own more than anything else in te world. it could even be a car you own, or owned. i love so many cars i cant really choose, but if i had too...... i would say the 1984 ferrari gto, or the 1962 250 gto. both cars have fascinated me since i was a baby.... i cant choose one alone.

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250LM for me :)


Good question DJ, you've had an eye for those Ferraris' since you were a baby? I don't think I could choose just one car over all others, I love them too much.

A car that has always been a part of my fantasies is the 1994 -96' Chevrolet Impala SS. It's just a $24,000 Chevy, but it embodies such coolness in my eyes. The execution of it was spot on, where as the Mercury Marauder is more of a misfire.

The Bentley Continental T is another one I've always been fond of, it's very destinctive, and classic looking for a modern day car.

And last but not least, the E36 BMW 3-Series/M3, and E38 7-Series. They have never lost any of their appeal with me.

By the way: If you put your curser over your gold stars, it tells you what kind of " driver " you are . Me, PolarFox, and GIR are Callaway Corvette drivers, Kevin321 is a Mercedes SL500 driver, of all things :D , DJ is a Porsche 911 GT3 driver, and Kleinefische is a Ferrari 360 Modena driver. Does anyone have an explanation for this little phenomenon?


thats awesome!! haha. i love gt3s.


Hmmm, Ferrari 360 driver, has a certain ring to it. I never noticed that, that's pretty cool.


The 300SL gullwing, the E31 6-Series, to an extent, the E30, not so much as an amazing car, but as a symbol, The original porsche 911 Carrera RS, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1, and the original Acura NSX (the 2003 is ugly, i'm sorry). I also like the old Jag E-Type, i'd like to have a Volvo P1800s too.


The 288 GTO is deffinately high on my list. The MB CLK-GTR SS probably takes top honors though. Only one!!! Imagine having a car that was the only car like that, and then to have it perform that well. Amazing.

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