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Is it just me?


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holy jumped up jesus, i thot this was a mercedes forum? This for the first time I wasnt trying to make a point but your ignorance far exceeds my previous expectations.congrats, you all did a great job of ignoring me as well. took 3 of you to say one thing.

Just to give Neo a fair chance, lets pull up a few photos.







From the side it does bare some resembelance but I doubt the BMW designers took the 300CE as an example.

Anywayz, I didn't know they exported those 300CE's to the US. For their time they were killers. That 3l inline 6 can take just about anything you throw at it. Excellent choice Neo.

Hey, I think Neo's got a point, they do look slightly similar. You guys really do need to loosen up a bit. I know that Neo has stirred up some arguements, and I don't always agree with how he goes about it, but he was just making a casual observation, and you guys jump all over him. Just relax, and politely agree or disagree. We're civilized here, remember.

oh c'mon, my hero is hannibal lechter, we can be civilized and still eat people alive.

Yes, there is a similarity, both are 2 door cars wtih back seats. That is about where they stop lookiing alike. I know they are very different, LNC is the artist, he has the eye for this stuff, but he won't tell you why they look differently cause he hates neo.

So yeah neo, don't flatter yourself and say they look alike. You wish you had a car that looked like an E46.

Let me put it to you like this, I pulled my E30 up next to an E55 the other day, i was amazed by how similar they looked.

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Hallo NeoAnderson84,


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actually i do have a car that looks like a e46. that was my point, i like mine more though. the lines are similar and the lights are similar, if you dont see it i dont care, u'll disagree with me no matter what i say simply because you dont like me, if you think the e55 looks like your car you shouldnt look at them whilst intoxicated, one is completely rectangular, the other almost completely rounded. neither the lights nor the lines are even remotely close. that people finally agreed with me, shows i aint the only one who sees the resemblance, between my car and the new 3. and i dont care if hes a artist or not, like you he'll disagree with me cause he dont like me.


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