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I bet the news station is overhyping it all, there probably aren't half as much cars around with those on them then they're trying to project. And those black people called "Bubb Rubb" and "Lil' Sis"... please! I bet they're actors, they are too much of a stereotype to be convincing.

Anywayz if the Oakland residents want to ban those "whistler tips" they should! I bet those things are annoying as hell!

And yes you are right, that mechanic is spineless. That's like saying:

"Just because we sell these doesn't mean we condone buying them. If you have a problem, please tell the insensetive people buying them, not us!" If I lived anywhere near him I'd put one of them tips on my car, park my car infront of his house and just hold down the gaspedal. Hey what's he gonna do? It's legal and I'm on a public road.

But then again some people just don't have any moral values and will do just about anything for money. Sometimes I think there should be a "Badidea squad". A specialized squad trained at spotting bad ideas. When they see a bad idea they just go upto people and say: "Hey, that's a bad idea".

you know, some freinds and i had the idea of creating a squad like that, only al little different, more preventive shall we say.

The squad was to be called the Darwin Committee, their job, find people who did things like that, and remove them. People who were generally stupid, and of whom evolution would have gotten rid of, except for modern humanity has prevented it from doing so, would be the targets of the Darwin Committee.

I think people like Bubb Rub and Lil' Sis will make themselves extinct before any Badidea comittee has a chance to :D . Their car was borderline out of control when they were showing off. I'm pretty positive they are not actors though, thats' the what those types have become - a stereotype upon a stereotype. Whoo Whooo!


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