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New BMW 7 Series - Subtle Changes?

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I had read in a German Auto Zeitung magazine about the new BMW 7 series. They have 2 pictures showing minor changes, but did not give much information.

Any one have more infomation about it? I don't think the engine or the gearbox will change, it will just be a facial shape change, similar to what Mercedes did to their S-Class in 2003 (although they did upgrade the engines for the S350, and the S600).

When will this model come? As a 2005 model next year?

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Thanks GIR for the link. I noticed the last post on the thread in July 23, 2003. So, no information since then.

I was wrong about the engine, since there is a 4.8 liter 400 Bhp in it. I wish they would come out with the new one earlier - as a 2004 model.

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