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2001 Carrera? Anyone interested


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Hey guys...Im thinkin of sellin my 911...I might get the new Bentley...Heres the description of it...

2001 911 C2 Carrera Cabriolet

Seal Gray Exterior

Seal Grey Interior

17inch weels



Thats the general idea of the car..Anyone know what I could probably get for it?

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You mean you might get the new Volkswagen with a winged ' B ' on the front?

I'm sure there are plenty of house wives and lazy poseurs who would rather have a Tiptronic, after all, they make em'.

Just a quick question, your name says Porschefanatic not Bentleyfanatic, so why would you jump ship when you could A) spend a bit more and get a Carerra GT or B) spend less and buy a GT-2. :-?

well considering u have no idea what you're talking about...

1. the bentley GT wen ur done with it, is around 150,000 and the Carrera GT is around 450,00.

2. I would rather spend the money on a Bentley because according to the statistics, the Bentley performs just as well, and its not like the GT2 is a convertible and the Bentley in my opinion is worth the money more then a GT2

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Yes, Bentley will always be Bentley, as long as the people at Crewe are hard at work, turning walnut root balls, and hides into the most luxurious interiors around.

But the cars, I don't know. I can't call a Bentley with a German spirit a true Bentley.

i'm not giving up. Rolls royce is the name for luxury automobiles. bentley is right with them, but rolls always seeme to capture it for me.

And assuming bentley and rolls interiors are equal, i'd sooner have bmw engineering over VW.

I think the Phantom is a whole lot better looking than that " GT " junk. The interior of it is pretty nice looking, but the outer styling has gottsta go!

I was a little suprised to learn that it's apparently a Rolls tradition not to use premium leather on all surfaces, they use different grades according to where it's going to be placed.

the phantom is much more beautiful and infinately more beautiful than the GT, and if the GT is any indication of what bentley's to come will be like, rolls royce has absolutely no worries. No, the seating material rolls royce uses is amazing, whereas the say trim isn't the same level. I guess you wouldn't notice. I sat in a rolls royce silver spur, and did notice the seating leather (which was amazing) was not the same stuff as on the door. It was sad how noticable the texture difference was.

I don't know, in my world, nothing can touch connolly leather.

It is amazing stuff. I think EVERYONE should use it.

Do the British have a lock on the Connolly leather market or something? If it's so soft, I would think everyone would want to use it.

Roll-Royce using different grades of leather for their interiors is kind of odd. That class of car is supposed to be about no compromises. I wonder what the rationale is behind that.

Bentley makes great cars but they appeal to the young and rich not old and rich like Rolls-Royce. VW makes great quality cars and their engines last forever. Anyway why choose "BMW engineering" over VW because for your information the cars that Rolls-Royce has been making crap cars, they've only got a 2 year warranty as oppose to their previous lifetime warranty.

i'm young and rich, rolls appeals to me more than bentley, what now?

well, the previous rolls still had a BMW V12 and a ZF tranny, not much has changed.

and VW engineering being better than BMW, give me hard facts to support that.

Not saying VW engineering is better than BMW but VW has been around longer and its not like if a company buys another one that companies product is going to be an exact replica of the purchasing companies. And unlike BMW, VW does not need to show a price below sticker to attract customers and then sell for $10,000 above sticker in some cases. BMW is desperate and VW does not need to be. Thats saying something.

VW has been around longer.

The history of Volkswagen can be traced back to the mid-1930's when Adolf Hitler commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to develop the Beetle. BMW as a manufacturer dates back to before World War 1, building aircraft engines. Building it's first motorcycle engine in 1920, and then building cars not many years later.

If BMW puchases a company, especially one such as Roll-Royce, chances are very good they are not going to cheap out on the engineering. They owned Land Rover, and did nothing but good things for them. I believe VW is very desperate, desperate to take over the world, or they would not be so driven to put their finger in every pie.


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