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i'm thinking about purchasing a 99 328is vs a 99 m3 any thoughts ?????

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My thought is, which do you want more, ( and which are you more worthy of? :) ) Sporty practicality, or Sporty practicality with hot sauce? I gather that the price difference is not a big concern for you, so I will say this. You will enjoy a 328 very much, but if you decide upon an M3, ask yourself if you will be able to give it the life that it deserves, and enjoy it to the full.

Because there are so many great cars sitting in the driveways of people who can't appreciate them for the right reasons. An M3 is born to run, and stretch it's legs. It's alot like choosing a woman for the right reasons, can you truely appreciate her, give her what she needs and wants and vice versa?

Ruminate on that a while, and then make your decision.


it comes to this. How do you drive? If you are just someone who enjoys cruising, a nice handling and feeling automobile, and something quick, the 328is is perfect for you. If you are that SOB who beats the car, pushes it full bore through the hairpins, winds the engine up to full steam, and sucks every bit of juice out of your car, you have to get the M3.


[Thanks for the replies. Definately have to think about it. :)


my best freind was going to get a 1996 M3, but then he decided to get himself a 1997 328is and spend the difference on tuning it himself. We calculated out that we can make it just as quick, maybe better, and it'l be a hell of a sleeper. Plus, parts are easier on a 328.

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